Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Broken Toy Safari

I've been wanting to go through Jaide's toys and get rid of the junk for a while now. I came up with an idea to get Jaide to help and to make it more fun. We went on a "Broken Toy Safari." I told Jaide about it over the weekend. I explained what a safari was and what we would do on our safari. On Monday morning, we put on our safari hats and got a basket and a tote bag to collect our broken toys. We went through the basement and then the main floor. I tried to sort toys and put stuff away a little bit as we went. The main floor got a little (just a little) more messed up as we went through. We took a little drink break and emptied our containers into a box. Jaide wanted to dump the whole thing "in the dumpster" (I'm not sure what dumpster, we don't have a dumpster. But anyway...) Then we finished up upstairs. There aren't very many toys up there so it was easy.
Last night I went through the box to see what I could fix, what needed to be thrown away and to ask Bob about about some things. Bob did not want to part with his "broken" dog stuffed animal! Jaide was a little bit overzealous about finding broken things and she did retrieve one thing from the box saying, "I still want to play with this!" So we did keep a couple of things.
But Jaide is excited to do a safari again. I was thinking of doing a book safari to get all the books back in a bookcase, or a stuffed animal safari to get them all together. I thought it would be a good way to help Jaide learn to sort similar items.
Jaide was so excited about it that we went outside after our toy safari and did a trash safari around our cul-de-sac.


rosie said...

That is so cute! I love your little safari hats!

Rusty & Kathy said...

i love the pictures! and the fun hats. that is such a smart idea. i'm glad that you got jaide all excited about cleaning up.

Tracy said...

Hey, come do a safari at my house! Hurry, it's a mess!

Brenda said...

That's great that she was willing to help throw away the broken toys. When I do that, my kids cry and cry about the toy that they just can't live without, but haven't touched for years!