Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It Was Me

On Sunday morning a member of the bishopric called to ask Bob and I to come meet with him before church. I told Bob, "I wonder which one of us is getting a calling?" It was me. I'm the new enrichment counselor in our Relief Society. We don't have a new secretary yet, so I'm still kind of doing that too. I really enjoy working with the sisters in our presidency. They are really great. We're going to miss Laura but she is moving on in the world (her husband is finished with dental school now). And Kiree is going to miss her little buddy Eli (Laura's baby boy who is a month older than Kiree).


Rusty & Kathy said...

i like your title.... but i think that's also exactly what jaide said after she made a little tooting sound at our place back at Christmas. :)

Jenni said...

Ooh enrichment counselor - that is a big one! I went from that to being a secretary - we are all sorts of parallel!:) Best wishes and I bet you'll do a fantastic job!:)

Hules said...

Congrats! Who are you working with in your presidency? Is Cooper still Bishop, With Schone & Law? Wow, Enrichment, can't say, I'm envious. I'm just not that crochet tablecloth kinda gal my mother wanted me to be. Secretary or Education Counselor were a lot funner callings to me. I'm excited for you! One nice thing is it's a lot lace paperwork than a secretary... well, once they get one called for you.

Meg said...

Jenni, we are similar in a lot of ways I'm finding out :)
Julia, it is still Bishop Cooper and Bro. Schone. We have Bro. Ellis now too, I don't remember if they moved in before or after you guys left. Becky Harms is our RS pres and a new sister named Michelle is the first counselor.
I don't think I'll be crocheting any tablecloths any time soon though ;) It's kind of funny, but most of the callings I've had have been in relief society.