Monday, June 16, 2008

Jaide's First Talk in Primary

Jaide got to give her first talk in sharing time in Primary this Sunday. The topic was on how the temple blesses my family. We talked about the topic a bit with Jaide and wrote down her talk. We practiced at home (I whispered in Jaide's ear and she said it out loud). She did great in Primary yesterday. She talked into the microphone and wasn't scared at all. She knew exactly where she was supposed to sit and she folded her arms very reverently. Bob, Kiree, and I all came to watch (I helped Jaide). After giving her talk, Jaide got a sticker. We were very proud.

Jaide wanted me to be sure and get a picture of her cute new shoes. What a funny girl!


Rusty & Kathy said...

good job Jaide! i'm glad her talk went so well. and those shoes are very cute. :)

Tracy said...

That's so fun seeing them so grown up giving their talks. Love the shoes!

Hules said...

Shoes- That dress is gorgeous!

Ironically, Mickayla has to give a talk in Primary this Sunday on the exact same topic! Quick- email me Jaide's talk- they'll never know! J/K.