Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Maryland Science Center is Magic

Saturday afternoon we were talking on the phone with Grammy, telling her about what we had done earlier in the day. I was trying to get Jaide to tell her about our visit to the museum. She said something like this, "an we went to the new zeeum and saw lot of crazy stuff and magic!" I'm not sure exactly what stuff Jaide thought was magic but it could have been this

or this

We didn't see most of the museum, it was just a 2 hour visit (2 hr street parking, $1 an hour, a lot better than I thought it would be!). But we can go back again and again since we bought a year membership online. I bought it mostly so we could get into the museums in Chicago for free, yay for reciprocal museums! It makes me wish we were going more places this summer. That and our season passes to Six Flags that are good at their other parks. But the cool thing about the museum membership is that I can bring any three people (and kids under 3 are free). Anyone want to come with us to the Science Center?
Bob and I had to go on the bed of nails first before Jaide would do it.


Rusty & Kathy said...

i like the "magic." jaide looks kind of scared on thos nails. i'm glad you guys get to go to all these fun places.

Tracy said...

We love this place. My kids also enjoyed their nap on the bed of nails -- fun times.

Mahaffey Family said...

Duncan LOVES the Science Center, we should get together some time and go-we also have a membership.

Hules said...

So much fun. Wow, science at a new level.... if only Highschool Science could be that fun. Love the photos! Those are classic!