Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Bitesize Bloggins

Kiree is starting to pull up to standing. Is she going to follow in Jaide's fairly early walking foot steps?

*@#$!& keys!
I still haven't found my keys. Too bad all my various tags and the church keys are on that ring too.

That's how Jaide says Chicago, that or Cog Go. We're getting ready for the big trip to Chicago. There's always so much to do to get ready but I'm still excited to go. Hopefully driving there won't be terrible!

Bob likes to look on zillow.com to see house values. For fun the other day we looked up the house I grew up in in Chicago. I learned that it was built in 1917! I didn't know it was that old. They also have birds eye views on the site. It was fun to look at the house from different angles and see how it's different now.

We bought one of those digital converter things at Target over the weekend. We actually get lots of TV channels now. It looks pretty good too.

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Hules said...

Wow, she's already pulling up!!!

So, where did those keys end up? When Mickayla was 18 months I thought I'd lost my keys, & I asked her "Keys, Momma's Keys?" & she had just awakened from her nap & just looked at me with those big sleepy eyes. I had to meet a friend somewhere. So, I locked the apt. & left & management opened my door when I got back. As soon as we walked in my little toddler ran to a backpack, unzipped it, and jingling them in her hands, said, "Keys."