Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Tragic Tale of Baby Bird

Last Sunday, when we got home from church, I noticed something weird near the curb. I thought it was a weird frog but then I discovered it was a baby bird. It was still alive. It looked so helpless and small- my mommy feelings made me really want to help it. We couldn't find it's nest so we looked online to find what we should do. At first we put it in a shoe box on a paper towel. The internet said to make a little nest out of a small container and some grass and put it close to the nest (if you couldn't actually get to the nest). We got out the ladder and Bob staple gunned our makeshift nest to one of the lower branches of our tree. We saw a robin hanging around and making funny noises and we kind of thought maybe that was the mom bird. We saw baby bird peeping out of the nest looking for some food. Baby birds sure can open their mouths wide! When baby bird opened his beak his head disappeared and it was nothing but mouth. Too bad we didn't get a picture of that!
We hoped for the best. Sunday evening and Monday morning we saw baby bird peeping out. Then I saw momma robin near the "nest" for awhile. That was when I got this picture. I thought she might be feeding baby bird, but it was hard to tell. She was there for awhile. I didn't see her at the "nest" again after that. However, I did see a bunch of flies buzzing around the "nest" the next day. We were pretty bummed about it. On Saturday we finally got out the ladder again to take down the "nest." Mostly what was there was smelly grass. We don't know exactly what happened to baby bird but we think part of him might have still been in there. We put the contents of the nest in another small cardboard box and buried it in the back yard. "How is baby bird going to get out of the box?" Jaide asked. We talked a little bit about death and how baby bird was gone but his spirit went to Heaven. When Jaide understood she said, "I'm really going to miss baby bird." We talked some more about it after the "funeral" and I said something about the momma bird saying goodbye on Monday. I guess that was kind of a dumb thing to say to Jaide. She got a bit upset and wanted to know why the momma bird said goodbye. Jaide hadn't been too upset about it until that point. We talked some more and then moved on to other things.
Baby Bird, we'll miss you.

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bob said...

It looks like those creatures on Harry Potter that Harry and Luna can see. Only not so big. And much more pitiful.