Thursday, July 31, 2008

Grandpa! and Swimming Class

Bob's dad was here last night. Every now and again he has work meetings in Baltimore. He was supposed to have a meeting last October, but it kept getting postponed until now. Jaide was very excited all day long and kept asking when Grandpa would come.
Grandpa took us all to Chuck E. Cheese. We all had a fun time, even though Bob spilled pop all over me and Kiree. In addition to all the games they have a little ride thing that takes a picture which prints out on register paper and they also have a little booth that draws a sketch of you.

Here are the pictures we made at Chuck E. Cheese.

Jaide got to have Grandpa read her some stories before bedtime before he had to go.

On Monday, Jaide had her first ever swim class.

The girls before we left for class.

She was so excited and fortunately unlike her excitement about going to the dentist the first time, she is still excited about going back to swim class. She was a little bit scared about putting her face in the water, but she did do it a few times.

Jaide after class.

We went to Chick-fil-A after class. Jaide got a free kids meal from doing the summer reading program. Kiree ate some of the french fries and baby food from home. We found out about the story times they're having at the local Chick-fil-A's and we went to the one this past Tuesday. We got a cow doll, a coupon for a free kids meal, and a paper pirate ship.


Tracy said...

What a fun time with Grandpa! I love those sketches! Cute swimming pics.

Cindy said...

I never thought Jaide looked much like her grandpa, but I see a resemblance in that sketch of the two of them. Maybe it's the smile.

Very cute pictures all around.

Hules said...

I LOVE the chucke Cheese Sketches. How did you get such cute photos? Doing one child in that sketch machine works, but it's always been so hard to get both of them squished in their with a nice expression on cue.

rosie said...

I thought the same thing about Dad and Jaide looking alike in that sketch.

By the way, what was the joke just before the picture of Jaide and Kiree was taken? You and Dad both are cracking up.

Meg said...

I guess we're just lucky that Jaide is very photogenic and really loves taking pictures. When we took the picture of Jaide and Kiree I was holding Kiree trying to get her inside the little oval without blocking Jaide. It was a little hard because the image you see is what the camera sees and not a mirror. Grandpa jumped in to boost Jaide up and we had to do it quickly because the timer was going off. You don't control when it goes off. So that's why we were laughing.

Petty Family said...

Very cute pictures. Frank & I took my niece to CEC one time when we were dating and the little sketch picture we took there is one of my favorites - I still have it hanging in my office! Chick-fil-A has story time?

Meg said...

Yes, the two Chick-fil-a's in Columbia do (not the one at the mall). I put a post about it up on the C2RS blog. It's 10am Mon or Tues depending on the location.