Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kiree's 8 Months

Kiree hit the 8 month mark on the 8th. I guess it's a golden montha-birth-ery or something. Here's a little bit about Kiree at 8 months.

You love mommy! You think that if you can see mommy, she should be holding you or at least be focused on you.
You're working very hard at pulling up on any and every thing you can. You keep getting better and better at standing while holding on to stuff.
You've gotten very good at sitting up and are crawling pretty well.
You stick everything in your mouth- especially paper. You are very determined to grab any bit of paper you can see.
You want to eat whatever we're eating and you get upset if we don't share with you. You sometimes take matters into your own hands.
You say da da, ma ma (occasionally), and ungy which we think means something like "I want something else to happen other than what is happening now."
You also like to make a lot of other noise like "ahhhh" sounds and raspberries.
You have two teeth and while you don't have a ton of that reddish hair, you do have enough for a "Kiree Hawk."
You love your big sister Jaide; she makes you smile and laugh every day.
You love to feed yourself cereal and whatever else we let you try.
You're usually a very happy and smiley girl.
We love you Kiree!

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Mendy said...

What a sweet baby! Isn't it scary how quickly the time flies?