Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Life Aquatic

Here's a random pic of cute Kiree
I forgot to post about the micro mini snail baby boom! When we got back from Chicago, we checked the fish tank to make sure the fish were all still alive (they were) and we discovered tens of mini micro snails. They also all look like Dora. Now there are at least 14 or 15 of them, plus the original Baby Snail and From Thirsty (the yellow snail that we bought to replace Dora).
Several snails along the waterline, Baby Snail is the big one there.
We thought From Thirsty was dead for a couple of days, but he keeps moving just a little bit so he's alive, um, we guess. He's just not going anywhere unlike those crazy (and getting bigger every day!) micro mini snails. Maybe we'll have to freecycle those extra snails when they get big enough.

Today was Bob's work's annual crab feast party. It was pretty fun. It was at a beach club just on the other side of the bay bridge. There were crabs and mallets and some other stuff. Good thing for Jaide there were also hotdogs. I ate a crab and it was pretty good. I had never cracked open a crustacean and ate its innards before today. Too bad we forgot to bring a camera even though I said, "Bob, we should bring a camera." at one point before we left. We got to go swimming on the little private beach.
Here's a picture of the actual beach from their website.
I didn't really swim, just held Kiree around in the water. Kiree and I saw a horseshoe crab and a jellyfish. We didn't stay anywhere near the jellyfish for very long. Some other people picked up the horseshoe crab and we watched them. I tried putting Kiree down on the sand for a bit, but anytime I put her down within reach of anything she can possibly put in her mouth, she puts it in her mouth. She ate some sand I think, but she did also spit up shortly thereafter. Jaide was excited that her good friend Megan was there. Poor Megan got stung by a different jelly fish while she, her dad, her sister, Bob and Jaide were all out in the water far from the shore. Jaide really loved swimming and playing in the sand. There was a face painting artist there also and Jaide got her face painted as a rainbow colored cat. She was extra happy when people told her how neat and cute her face painting looked. It didn't quite last so beautifully until we got home to take a picture of it- but you kind of get the idea. The mouth looked more cat like with white above the lips and her lips were painted black.
Poor Bob had to deal with 3 hot, tired, and cranky females by the time we left. But at least two of the females slept most of the way home.

Back on land- this morning Bob dug up the poison ivy growing in front of our house. Yikes!


Tracy said...

Congrats on your growing family of snails. Sounds like a fun work party! Always take your camera -- especially for beach trips!

Petty Family said...

Hi Meg! I didn't realize that you had a blog until I saw your comment on Laura's. Our blog is Your blog is really cute - you are a very funny story teller. Also - that pool was very deceiving! That giraffe on the box is huge - it's pretty funny to compare that image with the picture of Jaide in the pool. I too spent a little too long at Target trying to pick at a baby pool.