Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pictures! From Jaide's Birthday and the weekend

On Jaide's birthday we went to Six Flags America with Bob's cousin and her family. Jaide loves her second cousins Josh and Esther! We had a very fun time and were so glad they could come with us. Sadly, we had to ditch our double stroller we got in Chicago at the park because one of the unfolding lock thingies broke and we couldn't get it folded back up. So we left it there with a sign that said, "Free. Doesn't fold."
That night when we got back we had some homemade bread Bob had made the other day and we had some of the little cake Little Grandma had given us in Chicago for our anniversary. I did eventually make Jaide a real birthday cake.

On Saturday we finished painting the walls we had put magnetic primer on and also painted the walls around the stairs.


Hules said...

Wow, Bob made bread? I so love how it is a different generation these days. I mean, how cool to cook together, raise children TOGETHER, etc. What a great coupe you are! &

Happy Birthday to Jaide!!! All those photos are absolutely darling! I can't believe she's 4 either! I still remember her saying, "Mom- iasiew wa ya!" when she wanted the TV back on.

Tracy said...

Fun! I haven't been to Six Flags since Sophia was a baby. We need to take the kids now that they'd enjoy the roller coasters. Do you ever stop doing home improvements? You impress me!

kathy said...

i love how excited jaide is about her cake. good job putting on the "best birthday ever!" (or whatever jaide used to say) :)