Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things Aren't Always as they Appear

A couple of weeks ago we bought Jaide an inflatable pool- sort of an early birthday present. This past week I finally set it up and we've now used it twice! We sort of agonized over which one of the many at Target to purchase. They all seemed so big, and our backyard is so small. Finally we decided, duh! we could use it in the grassy common area and then just dump it out and move it once we're done. We'd have to empty it each time anyway. So we got a cool giraffe one with a slide and water fountainy thing. It didn't turn out to be nearly as big as it looked on the box. That's some interesting photoshopping they did there. Kind of deceptive, no? See for yourself in this very random picture.Jaide, making a very Bob face. A close up of the box, look at the teeny kids. That giraffe head must be 5 feet tall! Jaide's leg is blocking the tiny little boy splashing into the massive pool from the huge slide.
An action shot of Jaide going down the slide. A padded landing pad, they thought of everything!
Jaide likes her pool, the slide is a bit tippy (it's a separate piece tied down in two places) but the giraffe head squirts water at the slide, and if we turn the water on all the way, the head tilts way back and squirts way far off. Jaide playing in the giant sprinklerness

We finally got the pool out the day I signed Jaide up for swimming lessons. Jaide was sooooo disappointed when we left the swimming lesson place without actually participating in any swimming. Actually extremely angry is more like it. She would not get in the car. I promised we would go swimming some other way since class doesn't start until the week after her birthday.

We did a little painting this weekend. Nice little Cruella DeVille look we've got going there, huh? I think I'll post more on that when it's all done.


Meg said...

And if it looks to you like Bob has goat-y on his chin region, then yes, that is as it appears. Bob stopped shaving while we were in Chicago (his face was on vacation or something) and then he shaved everything but the goat man. How benevolent of me to not have forced him to shave it off yet.

Mendy said...

What is up with the scale of that giraffe pool and the little person in it on the photo on the box? That really is a bit of trickery if ever I've seen one!

Tracy said...

So glad you have a pool even if it isn't as gigantic as you thought it would be. I guess you won't be going for a dip with Bob after the kids are asleep.

kathy said...

Rusty and I had a good laugh at the "big" kid pool. That is some crazy photoshopping. Rusty suggested taking it back, but it looks like Jaide enjoys the spraying giraffe. :)

Jenni said...

Whoa, that is just not cool that they made it seem so huge in the picture! Very shady!

rosie said...

Just for the record, I like Bob's goatee.