Monday, July 7, 2008

Trip to Chicago Part 2: "oh, that's right. today is your anniversary."

Saturday (the 28th) was our 6th anniversary. We went to the Field Museum of Natural History on Saturday. We drove down to the southside and parked at the Midway orange line parking lot and then took the L downtown.
We met up with Mom, Kathy, Rusty, Mick, Amber, and even little Grandma at the museum. We also saw our very tall, old friends the Hartsocks at the museum. We saw the dinosaurs (but didn't take any pictures of them). I ended up rushing through most of the dinosaur exhibit with Jaide because she had to go potty. We went through our old favorite Egypt exhibit. I had told Jaide about the mummies before. There is one young boy mummy that is unwrapped on display. Jaide asked me "what happened?" about the boy mummy. We talked a little bit about that and then went on to the rest of the exhibit. Jaide and Bob laid down on the ancient Egyptian bed replica. In the picture of Jaide, you can see an actual one in the case behind us. It's surprisingly comfortable. I didn't lay down since I had Kiree in the sling. Kiree was mommy's little klingon during this trip.
It was fun to see how the museum has changed since we last came about 6 years ago (yup, shortly after we got married). The Field Museum is the place we used to go just about every weekend when I was little and we volunteered there as teenagers. Mom was excited to see some of her old volunteer friends there and some of them even remembered us kids.

After the museum we headed back down to the southside to meet my dad at Giordanos (that's a pizza place with very delicious deep dish pizza). Before we had even talked with one another about when we'd go see my dad all three of us kids automatically assumed it would be on the Saturday we were there. We used to go over to my dad's every Saturday and have pizza and watch dumb tv shows like Walker, Texas Ranger.

No Chuck Norris this trip though. But we all really enjoyed the pizza. Jaide was full of beans, as an old person might say. She kept going under the table and playing pretend and occasionally ate some pizza. She made just about everyone but her mommy laugh when she loudly declared, "I have to go potty! The poop is coming out!" That was not literally true thankfully, but we did quickly go to the bathroom. Kathy asked me about what it was like to have such constant entertainment.

Jaide! Can the potty talk!

We had planned to drive past our old house but Bob, the kids and I were kind of ready to go back to the hotel. Mick, Amber, Kathy, and Rusty did go by. Apparently the new owners have painted to porch railings in various fruity colors. The big pine tree is trimmed way up high and there is now a basketball hoop attached to it.

Sunday after church, we went over to Little Grandma's for a picnic-ish lunner (lunch and dinner combined). Wow, lots of food. It was good to see my aunt and uncle and also Frank and Nellie (old family friends). We stayed fairly late and played games. Amber and Mick taught us Michigan (a card game) and that was a lot of fun. We also played the super happy fun game (where you write a sentence, pass it to the next person who draws it then folds over the sentence and then the next person writes a sentence based on the picture and so on- hilarity ensues).

Unfortunately, the nights we got back late Kiree didn't sleep very well. But otherwise she did fine.

Tomorrow: Part 3 The Exciting Conclusion!


kathy said...

meg, i love your pictures! i'm copying the ones that i want from your blog. i think we'll just do a big slideshow of pictures on our blog. it's amazing how i have forgotten some things already. i'm glad to hear you guys got home ok on friday. we had a good flight. i'll have to give you a call this week to chat. i miss having you guys so close and seeing everyone.

Hules said...

Looks like so much fun! Wish I could've seen y'all at the Ricks reunion. Man, it was sparsely attended seeing as how many hundreds of descendants of Hyrum Ricks there are. What's the name of Bob's grandpa again?

My MTC roommate just bought a home in Chicago too, & she's on her way moving there today. Chicago's the place to be I guess. Fun for you guys to walk down memory lane... & Happy 6th Anniversary!

Meg said...

Thanks Julia. Bob's grandpa is Artel. His Uncle Richard lives in Cedar Hills and we always get the emails about reunions from him. Another one of Bob's second cousins moved into the ward recently. There sure are a lot of descendants and it's kind of fun to keep finding relatives.

Meg said...

Kathy, I definitely need to steal some of your pictures. I don't know what our problem was forgetting the camera or just forgetting to pull it out. Maybe we should have given Jaide the camera as she took about 100 or so pictures on the ride home!

kathy said...

meg, i'm so anxiously awaiting your exciting conclusion to the trip! i've only blogged two days' worth for now. i guess if i go two days at a time it will take me all week. i'm happy to send you our pictures. i just need to get on the computer when i'm at home. :)