Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight....


If you know the song that line is from, then cool for you.

Thank goodness we're not Sims, so when our oven caught fire this evening we didn't go nuts and end up getting hauled off by the grim reaper. Jaide was less freaked out about this fire than she was about this one and less freaked out than she was about spilling a full bottle of water just a few minutes ago.

At least it didn't ruin our dinner, or too much else. Hopefully the bottom oven will be okay once we clean it out.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quirk Tag

Sara tagged me for this one and since it's her birthday (and her babykins, happy 1st birthday Ashlyn!) here goes.

*Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about yourself
*Tag 6 other people

I think I'll do four and tag two people.

1. I like to read non-fiction books about things I'm interested in learning more than fiction books.
2. I tell people I'm 5'11" even though I'm actually more like 5'10 and 3/4"
3. I'm obsessed with houses, remodeling, decorating and the like lately and I've really enjoyed watching the show Designed to Sell at the gym.
4. Along with number 3, I sometimes feel like there's sort of a house caste system and I wish I had a better/bigger house so that I could invite people over more. Like, why would you want to leave your nice big SFH and come to my teeny, squishy townhome. And if you do be sure not to park in the neighbor's space. See what I mean?
5. I'm not a big fan of mint flavored dessert treats. Shamrock shake- ewww.
6. I love museums (unless they're really boring) and since having children I really love children's museums. Although, why don't my kids ever want to play with the really cool stuff that I want to play with?

1. Loves computers, or at least uses them a lot, a lot, a lot. He doesn't love them when they don't work right.
2. He will spend hours and hours working on something just so that it will be quicker/easier to do the next time.
3. Bob is a funny guy but sometimes he likes to say things just to tease and annoy me. Then he gets poked in the gut by me. Maybe he likes that?
4. He's very skinny, but he has gained weight since we got married.
5. Bob always wants me to cut his hair and won't go get it cut by a professional. But if I really, really wanted him to, he probably would because...
6. he would do just about anything to make me happy (aww, what a sweetie!)

1. Still can't seem to eat without making a big mess.
2. Doesn't take a nap unless she is very, very tired and if she does, she is very resistant to being awakened.
3. Can stop on a dime during a full out crying and whining session if the right thing is mentioned (for example- dessert, going somewhere).
4. Would watch TV all day if I let her.
5. Is excited to go just about anywhere and do something. She was even excited about going to the doctor even though she knew she was going to get shots. She kept asking how many minutes it was until we would go starting several hours before her appointment.
6. She says some profound things now and again.

1. Often tries to bite people's noses.
2. Is starting to figure out that Jaide usually gets in trouble when she cries (uh oh!).
3. She is drawn to cords, outlets, plugs, the laptop and the vacuum cleaner.
4. Although she is pretty strong, she's not quite big enough to fend off the "over-love" from bigger babies-- yet!
5. She gets jealous if you eat something in front of her and don't share, especially if it's ice cream.
6. She likes to turn around backwards in her highchair.

I guess I'll tag Kathy and Emily

Friday, August 22, 2008

Off the Charts

Jaide and Kiree had doctor appointments today. Jaide is 42.5" now (without putting her hair up in a half pony even). Kiree is off the charts for weight, as in off the bottom :( Kiree lost weight since her last check up three months ago, she is 27" long though which is about 50th percentile. We've got to go back for a weight check in six weeks. Now she did have two big poops this morning before her appointment .... But we need to work on making sure she has enough time to eat more often and more calories.
Otherwise the girls did okay. Jaide had to get four shots. Kiree ended up getting one shot because she didn't get it at her last appointment. That made Jaide feel better-that Kiree had to get a shot too. Kiree also had to get a blood test too. Jaide helped her to be brave.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jaide's New 'Do

I took Jaide to get her haircut yesterday. Jaide told me she wanted her hair cut "like in the pictures from Canada." That was last summer when she had a chin length cut. We went back to Cartoon Cuts at the mall and I think the gal we had this time did a better job. She was certainly way less shaky than the last gal was. This time Jaide sat in the seat by herself and watched a Dora video.
Afterwards we went to Target and I got Jaide some swim goggles. She was so excited about them she wanted to try them out. She has used them in the bath for the last two nights. Jaide likes to wear them just for fun too. She says she is "super kid" when she wears them.
This evening Jaide was wearing her goggle when she tried to turn on the vacuum and clean up the floor. Jaide is pretty scared of the vacuum. She doesn't want to be. Kiree isn't scared of the vacuum, in fact, she loves it! Jaide tries to be more bold when we vacuum now that Kiree is around and 'showing her up.' I was feeding Kiree some baby food so I wasn't wanting to vacuum at the time. Jaide really wanted to vacuum anyway. She managed to get it plugged in and even turned on. She was trying to get the handle part down but was too scared. Then she just let it go and it totally fell over. Then Jaide ran off screaming. It was hard not to laugh but I didn't because she was really upset. Finally I turned it off.
Here's Kiree after eating some baby food earlier today. She's a 3 jar a day girl these days. In addition to that she also loves eating lots and lots of puffed rice/rice krispies/gerber puffs- anything she can pick up and eat by herself really. And yet she is still very petite and people point that out to me just about every day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bobby Birthday

He looks pretty good for his age huh?
We celebrated Bob's 31st birthday last week. Bob took the day off work. Bob wanted everyone to have a fun day and I think we all really did. I made Bob some birthday muffins for breakfast and then I took Jaide to playgroup at the park. We weren't sure what to do after that. We had lunch and sang happy birthday to Bob. We had some of Bob's birthday raspberry cheesecake. Too bad it was a tad burned. I think our oven is a little hotter than the old one was. Jaide wanted to give Daddy a present. I asked her which one we should give him and she said really loudly in front of Bob, "the wallet!" We had picked out a wallet for the girls to give Bob. Bob laughed, I shook my head. I guess it's my fault for asking. My awesome Bob immediately took all the stuff out of his old wallet and stuck it in his new one unlike a certain "two rubberbands is all I need" father of mine. My awesome Bob also shaved all his scruff off for me on his birthday. What a guy! We finally decided after lunch, cheesecake and a present to go play mini golf and then go swimming. It was a lot of fun despite a little bit of rain. Again we forgot to bring the camera, oops!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Call Me Auntie "M"

I just found out today that I'm going to be an aunt in February!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No More Boblessness

Bob got home from his trip to Las Vegas on Monday. He was speaking at a conference. We had planned to go with him but the tickets went up insanely in price. So we stayed home and the early resigning up at the CA was my consolation prize.
But my Bob is a very sweet guy. Last Wednesday afternoon Bob took me out on a date before he left. He also made crock pot dinner. He even "got a babysitter" (ie asked one of my friends to babysit and then I babysat her kids later). We went and saw The Dark Knight which was not as violent as I thought it would be. Hearing lots of other people saying it was violent I guess set me up to expect that. I did jump at one part. I guess I didn't get so into it that it bothered me. I knew it was fake. Although the other day Jaide was playing with a pencil and I was like, ahh! Don't play with that! But I did enjoy seeing Chicago. It was filmed in Chicago which was cool. It was a little bit funny when the people were trying to escape the city on boats leaving from Navy Pier. At least they didn't get ferris wheel in that shot.
Sadly going on this date ended up making me late for a meeting and also sadly Jaide and James woke Kiree up from her nap prematurely while we were gone. Poor Cassandra had a very cranky, crying baby on her hands.
Then Bob didn't even end up leaving Wednesday night as planned. His flight was overbooked so he volunteered to take a flight the next morning. He got a free round trip ticket out of the deal. But we're glad he's back home again. Jaide missed him very much even though the first day he was gone she pointed to his open closet and said, "what's that?" Me: "daddy's closet. Jaide: "what are we going to do with all that stuff?" Me: "um, daddy's clothes? We're going to keep them. Daddy is coming back."
What baby is this? Why it's Bob! But we sure do know which of us Kiree takes after now don't we.
Tomorrow is Bob's 31st birthday! We have a tradition that we've carried on from Bob's family of the birthday person getting to choose what kind of treat they want for their birthday. Bob never wants regular cake. This year he wanted either a fresh berry pie or a raspberry cheesecake. He wanted cheesecake last year too. I'm trying out a recipe I found online for raspberry cheesecake. Jaide says the house smells. I think our bottom oven probably needs to be cleaned. The top of the cheesecake got a little bit burned. Oops, I'll have to cover it in raspberry sauce. If it turns out I'll have to post the recipe.
Happy Birthday also to my friends who have birthdays this month! This is such a univerally crazy month, I hope you all don't get (or already got) the shaft on your birthday. And hopefully none of you had family or S.O.'s who said while filling in a new calendar, "there's no birthdays in August right?" like a certain S.O. of Bob's once did. I'm never going to live that one down, huh?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nine Months

It's hard to believe it's been nine months since my little Kiree-kins was born. She is such a good little girl (despite the fact that I had to take her out of Relief Society today for basically the whole time).

Here's some of what Kiree is up to as a nine month old.

Kiree sort of waves. She moves her arm up and down like I would move her arm to say bye bye to Jaide and Bob when I take her to bed. The other day she actually repeated "hi" when we were all waving to each other and saying hi.

Recently, Kiree discovered that the baby outlet covers come off (I think I was vacuuming or something). Ever since that day she has been quite determined, and quite successful at taking this one outlet cover off and fortunately less successful at actually eating it.

But a trip to the Lowe's fixed that! Hopefully...

Kiree does say things that sound like mama and dada and she repeated the word "wow."

Kiree is a fast little crawler with flying little macaroni limbs that make Jaide laugh when she really gets going. She is cruising a lot and has started to let go and stand on her own for short periods. The first time I saw her do it, she stood and then slowly sat down, all without holding on to something. She is a strong girl!

Kiree likes to "sing" herself to sleep sometimes.

Kiree is still quite the mama's girl but she does love Daddy and Jaide too.

Kiree loves to feed herself and some of her favorite things are peas, cheerios, puffed rice, and a new one- bits of chicken.

Nicknames I've come up with lately: Babykins, Kireekins, K.K., Kiddo, Happy, Happy Girl

I have such a hard time getting good pics of Kiree. I guess I'm not nearly as interesting as that empty graham cracker box. That and Jaide is always, um, well.. Jaide when I try to take pictures.

As for the whole nine months up, nine months down baby weight thing (see Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy) I'm about at what I was before I got pregnant, but sadly, I was a wee bit over what I'd like to be then. Dun da da dun!- the gym will help! At least I don't have people asking me if I'm pregnant any more, unlike 2 months after Kiree was born!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Yay for the CA!

We re-signed up our membership at the Columbia Association so I have a gym with free child care again. Yay!! I was so excited I didn't even care that it took a while to do due to computer problems and whatnot at the membership office. Jaide and Kiree got their pictures taken (Jaide's old card had a picture of her as a 6 month old- that's younger than Kiree!).
Sorry for the terrible quality of these pictures. We do have a scanner but I can't seem to use it without Bob's help.

Wednesday night I took the girls to the nearby outdoor pool. We had a little bit of trauma before getting there (see Kiree's 2 fat lips) and then a Jaide meltdown when it was time to come home. Note to self: don't just think you can get Jaide to take a short ride home either just in her swimsuit with a towel or with her pants over her swimsuit like she wore coming there since now her suit is wet! Ah! the horrors!
Thursday morning things worked out perfectly for going to the gym in the morning. Kiree slept past 9am. So after I nursed her, we went straight to the gym so she would be post-nap fresh for her first visit to Kidspace. Kiree cried like the world was ending when they took her back to the baby/toddler area. Jaide didn't took off to play like she always does- she loves Kidspace and asked about it semi-regularly before we rejoined. I worked out while watching design shows on cable. Yay! But sadly I forgot to bring headphones. Oh well, design shows are mostly visual anyway. I didn't work out for as long as I could of because I was worried they would be calling me to get Kiree but they didn't. I took a shower and even blow dried my hair. I took my time since it was barely an hour since I had dropped them off and I wanted to let Jaide play as much as possible. I finally went up and got the girls. Kiree was crying when I got there, but that was only because they took her out of the baby swing to bring her to me. She loved the swing and had been a happy girl.
I tried to take some pictures of all of us outside the gym, but a good picture is hard to take!
When we got home I thought that had gone pretty well- maybe we'll go the same time tomorrow. But then I thought, oh, but tomorrow is play at the park day. Then I realized, no today was play at the park and I totally missed it! Oops! Now it's written on the calendar for the next few weeks since apparently being a weekly activity that's been going on for months now is not enough to have me not forget. Sorry friends for missing park time this week!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camping + Rain + Baby = Uh, oh!

We went camping on Friday night at the KOA not too far from our house. We wanted to give it a try close to home before going farther away. We forgot to bring the camera so here are some random unrelated pictures.
I took the girls swimming and afterwards I took Jaide to the restroom to go potty. She wanted to take her swimsuit off and get dressed, but I hadn't brought her clothes. I told her she could wear a towel back to the tent if she kept herself covered. I put the towel around her in a sort of toga fashion and we went back. When we got back to our site I said, "let's put some stuff down" referring to the extra towels and floaty we were carrying. Jaide however yanked off her towel and put it down, standing there naked. Ahhh! Jaide! I said. You can't be naked in front of other people outside! She didn't understand why so I tried to explain it to her in the tent as we got dressed. Then Jaide said, "no one can see me make-ed" I'm not sure if it was a question or a statement. That funny girl.
I did enjoy cooking hotdogs over the fire and making smores. I enjoy playing with the fire when I go camping. Too bad Bob who built the fire was all frustrated about it since it kept needing help. I liked staying up with Bob at the fire.
I did not enjoy the fact that Kiree woke up when we finally went to bed. She was in the pack n play and very sad that she could see, but not touch me. I did take her out and put her next to me to sleep for a while. I don't sleep very well with Kiree right next to me.
I did not enjoy not having an air mattress to sleep on. The ground was awfully lumpy. I guess I'm getting too old to sleep on the ground. So Kiree next to me, or nursing and the lumpy ground and the warm temperature made it hard to get any sleep. Then there was a thunderstorm. The tent did manage to keep almost all of the water out. Too bad we had left stuff outside to dry (towels/swimsuits) and our camp chairs got soaked too. Any time I moved to try to get more comfortable Kiree woke up. When Kiree woke up, she started crawling around. At one point she crawled on daddy. I tried sticking her back in the pack n play but it was hard to let her cry it out in a tent we were all in. I tried covering the side of the pack n play with her blanket so she couldn't see me, but she is tall enough to stand and see over the side!
Eventually it was morning. Bob took the girls out of the tent and made breakfast on our campstove. That is much faster than building a fire!
We went home at about noon. We dried everything out at home. It turned into a very sunny and hot day on Saturday.
I'm not sure if we'll be going camping again soon. I guess we'll see.