Sunday, August 3, 2008

Camping + Rain + Baby = Uh, oh!

We went camping on Friday night at the KOA not too far from our house. We wanted to give it a try close to home before going farther away. We forgot to bring the camera so here are some random unrelated pictures.
I took the girls swimming and afterwards I took Jaide to the restroom to go potty. She wanted to take her swimsuit off and get dressed, but I hadn't brought her clothes. I told her she could wear a towel back to the tent if she kept herself covered. I put the towel around her in a sort of toga fashion and we went back. When we got back to our site I said, "let's put some stuff down" referring to the extra towels and floaty we were carrying. Jaide however yanked off her towel and put it down, standing there naked. Ahhh! Jaide! I said. You can't be naked in front of other people outside! She didn't understand why so I tried to explain it to her in the tent as we got dressed. Then Jaide said, "no one can see me make-ed" I'm not sure if it was a question or a statement. That funny girl.
I did enjoy cooking hotdogs over the fire and making smores. I enjoy playing with the fire when I go camping. Too bad Bob who built the fire was all frustrated about it since it kept needing help. I liked staying up with Bob at the fire.
I did not enjoy the fact that Kiree woke up when we finally went to bed. She was in the pack n play and very sad that she could see, but not touch me. I did take her out and put her next to me to sleep for a while. I don't sleep very well with Kiree right next to me.
I did not enjoy not having an air mattress to sleep on. The ground was awfully lumpy. I guess I'm getting too old to sleep on the ground. So Kiree next to me, or nursing and the lumpy ground and the warm temperature made it hard to get any sleep. Then there was a thunderstorm. The tent did manage to keep almost all of the water out. Too bad we had left stuff outside to dry (towels/swimsuits) and our camp chairs got soaked too. Any time I moved to try to get more comfortable Kiree woke up. When Kiree woke up, she started crawling around. At one point she crawled on daddy. I tried sticking her back in the pack n play but it was hard to let her cry it out in a tent we were all in. I tried covering the side of the pack n play with her blanket so she couldn't see me, but she is tall enough to stand and see over the side!
Eventually it was morning. Bob took the girls out of the tent and made breakfast on our campstove. That is much faster than building a fire!
We went home at about noon. We dried everything out at home. It turned into a very sunny and hot day on Saturday.
I'm not sure if we'll be going camping again soon. I guess we'll see.


Petty Family said...

Ah the joys of camping - funny stories!

kathy said...

that is pretty funny meg. i can't believe jaide was being a little streaker! i guess she's just not quite old enough to get it. i'm sorry you had a rough night. maybe camping is like the movies.... better when they're a little older. :)

Mahaffey Family said...

I'm so impressed that you guys went camping! My hat goes off to any one who attemps that with a baby. I do NOT enjoy camping with babies myself-done it twice, and never again! I prefer my kids in a room with black-out curtains so they aren't up at 5:00am.