Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nine Months

It's hard to believe it's been nine months since my little Kiree-kins was born. She is such a good little girl (despite the fact that I had to take her out of Relief Society today for basically the whole time).

Here's some of what Kiree is up to as a nine month old.

Kiree sort of waves. She moves her arm up and down like I would move her arm to say bye bye to Jaide and Bob when I take her to bed. The other day she actually repeated "hi" when we were all waving to each other and saying hi.

Recently, Kiree discovered that the baby outlet covers come off (I think I was vacuuming or something). Ever since that day she has been quite determined, and quite successful at taking this one outlet cover off and fortunately less successful at actually eating it.

But a trip to the Lowe's fixed that! Hopefully...

Kiree does say things that sound like mama and dada and she repeated the word "wow."

Kiree is a fast little crawler with flying little macaroni limbs that make Jaide laugh when she really gets going. She is cruising a lot and has started to let go and stand on her own for short periods. The first time I saw her do it, she stood and then slowly sat down, all without holding on to something. She is a strong girl!

Kiree likes to "sing" herself to sleep sometimes.

Kiree is still quite the mama's girl but she does love Daddy and Jaide too.

Kiree loves to feed herself and some of her favorite things are peas, cheerios, puffed rice, and a new one- bits of chicken.

Nicknames I've come up with lately: Babykins, Kireekins, K.K., Kiddo, Happy, Happy Girl

I have such a hard time getting good pics of Kiree. I guess I'm not nearly as interesting as that empty graham cracker box. That and Jaide is always, um, well.. Jaide when I try to take pictures.

As for the whole nine months up, nine months down baby weight thing (see Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy) I'm about at what I was before I got pregnant, but sadly, I was a wee bit over what I'd like to be then. Dun da da dun!- the gym will help! At least I don't have people asking me if I'm pregnant any more, unlike 2 months after Kiree was born!


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday! Sophia also loved the light sockets. That was so annoying. She is adorable!

Mahaffey Family said...

They grow so fast! What a cutie!

kathy said...

I love the pictures of Kiree, especially with the big red hat on. I'm glad she likes her Bob and her Jaide, and not just her Meg. I tried to call you guys yesterday but it just rang and rang. I was sad. But then it was too late to call you back. I'll have to try again this week to hear your adventures.