Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No More Boblessness

Bob got home from his trip to Las Vegas on Monday. He was speaking at a conference. We had planned to go with him but the tickets went up insanely in price. So we stayed home and the early resigning up at the CA was my consolation prize.
But my Bob is a very sweet guy. Last Wednesday afternoon Bob took me out on a date before he left. He also made crock pot dinner. He even "got a babysitter" (ie asked one of my friends to babysit and then I babysat her kids later). We went and saw The Dark Knight which was not as violent as I thought it would be. Hearing lots of other people saying it was violent I guess set me up to expect that. I did jump at one part. I guess I didn't get so into it that it bothered me. I knew it was fake. Although the other day Jaide was playing with a pencil and I was like, ahh! Don't play with that! But I did enjoy seeing Chicago. It was filmed in Chicago which was cool. It was a little bit funny when the people were trying to escape the city on boats leaving from Navy Pier. At least they didn't get ferris wheel in that shot.
Sadly going on this date ended up making me late for a meeting and also sadly Jaide and James woke Kiree up from her nap prematurely while we were gone. Poor Cassandra had a very cranky, crying baby on her hands.
Then Bob didn't even end up leaving Wednesday night as planned. His flight was overbooked so he volunteered to take a flight the next morning. He got a free round trip ticket out of the deal. But we're glad he's back home again. Jaide missed him very much even though the first day he was gone she pointed to his open closet and said, "what's that?" Me: "daddy's closet. Jaide: "what are we going to do with all that stuff?" Me: "um, daddy's clothes? We're going to keep them. Daddy is coming back."
What baby is this? Why it's Bob! But we sure do know which of us Kiree takes after now don't we.
Tomorrow is Bob's 31st birthday! We have a tradition that we've carried on from Bob's family of the birthday person getting to choose what kind of treat they want for their birthday. Bob never wants regular cake. This year he wanted either a fresh berry pie or a raspberry cheesecake. He wanted cheesecake last year too. I'm trying out a recipe I found online for raspberry cheesecake. Jaide says the house smells. I think our bottom oven probably needs to be cleaned. The top of the cheesecake got a little bit burned. Oops, I'll have to cover it in raspberry sauce. If it turns out I'll have to post the recipe.
Happy Birthday also to my friends who have birthdays this month! This is such a univerally crazy month, I hope you all don't get (or already got) the shaft on your birthday. And hopefully none of you had family or S.O.'s who said while filling in a new calendar, "there's no birthdays in August right?" like a certain S.O. of Bob's once did. I'm never going to live that one down, huh?


Jenni said...

Happy birthday to Bob! Raspberry cheesecake sounds so yummy!! Glad you have your Bob back!:)

Tracy said...

I haven't seen Dark Knight and it's because I heard it is so violent -- I like happy movies and kissy movies instead. Happy Birthday to your old man!

Hules said...

Happy Birthday Cous! Okay, 2nd cousins, but how ironic to be 2 days appart in age? Glad Bob got back by his birthday. Man, I don't know how anyone does it when their husbands go on trips. Have to say, I got a great laugh from what Jaide said about his clothes!