Saturday, August 30, 2008

Quirk Tag

Sara tagged me for this one and since it's her birthday (and her babykins, happy 1st birthday Ashlyn!) here goes.

*Tell 6 unspectacular quirks about yourself
*Tag 6 other people

I think I'll do four and tag two people.

1. I like to read non-fiction books about things I'm interested in learning more than fiction books.
2. I tell people I'm 5'11" even though I'm actually more like 5'10 and 3/4"
3. I'm obsessed with houses, remodeling, decorating and the like lately and I've really enjoyed watching the show Designed to Sell at the gym.
4. Along with number 3, I sometimes feel like there's sort of a house caste system and I wish I had a better/bigger house so that I could invite people over more. Like, why would you want to leave your nice big SFH and come to my teeny, squishy townhome. And if you do be sure not to park in the neighbor's space. See what I mean?
5. I'm not a big fan of mint flavored dessert treats. Shamrock shake- ewww.
6. I love museums (unless they're really boring) and since having children I really love children's museums. Although, why don't my kids ever want to play with the really cool stuff that I want to play with?

1. Loves computers, or at least uses them a lot, a lot, a lot. He doesn't love them when they don't work right.
2. He will spend hours and hours working on something just so that it will be quicker/easier to do the next time.
3. Bob is a funny guy but sometimes he likes to say things just to tease and annoy me. Then he gets poked in the gut by me. Maybe he likes that?
4. He's very skinny, but he has gained weight since we got married.
5. Bob always wants me to cut his hair and won't go get it cut by a professional. But if I really, really wanted him to, he probably would because...
6. he would do just about anything to make me happy (aww, what a sweetie!)

1. Still can't seem to eat without making a big mess.
2. Doesn't take a nap unless she is very, very tired and if she does, she is very resistant to being awakened.
3. Can stop on a dime during a full out crying and whining session if the right thing is mentioned (for example- dessert, going somewhere).
4. Would watch TV all day if I let her.
5. Is excited to go just about anywhere and do something. She was even excited about going to the doctor even though she knew she was going to get shots. She kept asking how many minutes it was until we would go starting several hours before her appointment.
6. She says some profound things now and again.

1. Often tries to bite people's noses.
2. Is starting to figure out that Jaide usually gets in trouble when she cries (uh oh!).
3. She is drawn to cords, outlets, plugs, the laptop and the vacuum cleaner.
4. Although she is pretty strong, she's not quite big enough to fend off the "over-love" from bigger babies-- yet!
5. She gets jealous if you eat something in front of her and don't share, especially if it's ice cream.
6. She likes to turn around backwards in her highchair.

I guess I'll tag Kathy and Emily


Tracy said...

Fun getting to know your family better. I too can't stand mint flavored desserts. I love my chocolate mint free!

Mendy said...

I am watching Designed to Sell right now! I love this show. And while I would love my kids to have bigger bedrooms (and get the dresser of two of them out of my room), the number one reason I'd like a bigger house is so I'd have more room to entertain! I totally hear you on that, Meg!