Friday, August 8, 2008

Yay for the CA!

We re-signed up our membership at the Columbia Association so I have a gym with free child care again. Yay!! I was so excited I didn't even care that it took a while to do due to computer problems and whatnot at the membership office. Jaide and Kiree got their pictures taken (Jaide's old card had a picture of her as a 6 month old- that's younger than Kiree!).
Sorry for the terrible quality of these pictures. We do have a scanner but I can't seem to use it without Bob's help.

Wednesday night I took the girls to the nearby outdoor pool. We had a little bit of trauma before getting there (see Kiree's 2 fat lips) and then a Jaide meltdown when it was time to come home. Note to self: don't just think you can get Jaide to take a short ride home either just in her swimsuit with a towel or with her pants over her swimsuit like she wore coming there since now her suit is wet! Ah! the horrors!
Thursday morning things worked out perfectly for going to the gym in the morning. Kiree slept past 9am. So after I nursed her, we went straight to the gym so she would be post-nap fresh for her first visit to Kidspace. Kiree cried like the world was ending when they took her back to the baby/toddler area. Jaide didn't took off to play like she always does- she loves Kidspace and asked about it semi-regularly before we rejoined. I worked out while watching design shows on cable. Yay! But sadly I forgot to bring headphones. Oh well, design shows are mostly visual anyway. I didn't work out for as long as I could of because I was worried they would be calling me to get Kiree but they didn't. I took a shower and even blow dried my hair. I took my time since it was barely an hour since I had dropped them off and I wanted to let Jaide play as much as possible. I finally went up and got the girls. Kiree was crying when I got there, but that was only because they took her out of the baby swing to bring her to me. She loved the swing and had been a happy girl.
I tried to take some pictures of all of us outside the gym, but a good picture is hard to take!
When we got home I thought that had gone pretty well- maybe we'll go the same time tomorrow. But then I thought, oh, but tomorrow is play at the park day. Then I realized, no today was play at the park and I totally missed it! Oops! Now it's written on the calendar for the next few weeks since apparently being a weekly activity that's been going on for months now is not enough to have me not forget. Sorry friends for missing park time this week!


Jenni said...

So glad your gym day was successful!! I never was able to put my youngest in the child care area at Lifetime for more than 15 minutes - she screamed and screamed... So yay for Kiree and I hope you have lots more successes with the gym!:)

Mahaffey Family said...

Hey! Maybe we will see you guys at the gym sometime-Duncan would love that!