Monday, September 29, 2008

More Jaide'isms'

Late August: "four means you're strong!"

Sept 7th: Jaide, very annoyed with mom and dad while driving home from church- "Ahhhh!" points to mommy, "your hair looks bad!"

~Sept 16th: "why do i have to listen to my teacher" (after I told her she needed to listen to her swim teacher. I think she honestly wanted to know).

Sept 25th: Jaide took off her clothes because she spilled a small amount of water on them. She was running around in her underwear when she said, "i'm jungle girl (sounds like gail when she says it) that's why i'm wearing jungle pants, so no one can see my jungle bottom (sticks out bottom and grabs it for emphasis).

The other day: Standing on the arm of the couch, "i'm the teacher, now be quiet! everyone look at me"

Yesterday: Bob was trying to practice Spanish words with Jaide but she didn't want to. "how do you say no in Spanish?"

Also yesterday: "okalah means ouchie in Spanish. when i get an ouchie mommy puts on a ban ban......" (then she went into a whole random monologue, that gal's a talker she is! She enjoys making up Spanish words and for some reason last night, sign language signs as well)

This morning: Grabbing the mini pumpkin I bought the other day. "we've got to take care of this pumpkin so it can be healfly and strong." (that's a favorite phrase for prayer time too)

This morning: Saying goodbye to mommy at preschool, "see you tomorrow."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Again

Kiree before the funeral at her little Great Grandma's house. I finally found a type of bow that will stay in her hair!

Kiree and I made it back a little before midnight on Monday night. The trip back to Chicago for the funeral wasn't too bad. Kiree didn't sleep on the plane ride out but thankfully she did sleep the last 20 minutes of the flight home. She sure was a cranky girl the day we came home!
There were a lot of very nice people who helped me at the airport the night we came in. One woman got a cart for me. A few others offered to watch Kiree and all the stuff on said cart while I took a potty break in the ladies room.

Kiree and her Little Great Grandma. Kiree was a little shy at first, but by the end of our stay, she was pretty comfortable with Kathy and Grandma.

I rented a car by myself for the first time ever. It was a red Chevy HHR. I had no idea what that was. But it's kind of a weird, boxy looking car. It took like 20 minutes to figure out how to roll down the window, and that was with the lady at the gate of the car rental place directing me. The switches were on the middle console in case you were wondering.
We went to the service on Saturday and it was nice. My dad and my aunt Michelle said some things about Grandma. Some of the stories I had never heard before. They buried Grandma's ashes next to Grandpa's grave. Afterwards we went out for lunch at a place called The Milk Pail that my Grandma had liked. I was glad to have Little Grandma with us to navigate. She knows where everything is since she lived in that town basically all her life (she now lives in a neighboring town). While I grew up in Chicago, I didn't venture to the suburbs all that often, so I needed directions.
Kathy, Kiree, and I stayed with Little Grandma. She is now our last living grandparent. We had a good time staying with her. We enjoyed playing cards and hearing stories. My aunt Cynthia joined us for some card playing on Sunday night. I kept wanting to call Kathy Jaide. Sometimes I nearly call Jaide Kathy too. But I guess I really missed Jaide. This was the first time I had gone more than a day without seeing Jaide since she was born.
Monday morning we went out to breakfast with Grandma, aunt Cynthia, and Nellie- she was Grandma's neighbor, now aunt Cynthia's neighbor and she's know us kids our whole lives. Kathy wanted to get a Giordano's pizza to take home to Rusty so we stopped and ordered one after breakfast. It was going to take about 30 minutes to cook, so we went over to the nearby Kohl's. Grandma and sleeping Kiree hung out in the car and Kathy and I looked around a bit. Kathy (I started typing Jaide!) found a necklace she really liked but kept debating about whether or not to buy it. I told her she should. She ended up buying it.
That afternoon I had to take Kathy back to the airport to go home. I guess we probably should have planned a bit better and I should have just gone with her too, but I didn't. Grandma came along to drop her off. Then we drove back to Grandma's to get my stuff and it was pretty much time to turn around and head back to the airport. Thankfully I got back to the rental place at about 7:40, and got to the place to check in bags at 4 minutes to 8. My flight left at 9:05 so we even had time to take these pictures, go potty, and buy a bottle of apple juice for Kiree.

This dinosaur replica used to be at the Field Museum, now it's in the United terminal at O'hare airport. The little old ladies at Grandma's complex thought Kiree was a boy wearing this striped pink/red shirt.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Violet May

Last week my paternal Grandmother passed away. She was 88 years old. She was the mother of two children, Grandmother of four, and Great-grandmother of five. Tomorrow there will be a funeral for her in the Chicagoland town my parents both grew up in.

"Violet May December 25, 1937"

Here's a little bit about things I remember about my Grandmother.
Grandma Vi used to host a big old party on Christmas Eve each year. There's a picture of me as a toddler looking up her fireplace for Santa Claus. I remember that Grandma really liked ducks. Her backyard ended at a pond and she often had ducks waddle up into her yard.

Undated photo

My siblings and I loved to play with the chord organ she had in her basement. When she moved to Missouri with my aunt, she gave us the chord organ and tons of books of music. We didn't see her very much after she moved. But she always sent cards and letters, though it got harder for her to see as her health issues got worse.
I remember my freshman year of college, one Saturday morning I awoke to a phone call. It was Grandma and I really appreciated talking with her. I had a rough time that year. It meant a lot to have family to talk to on the phone.
I'm pretty sure Grandma Vi is the source of those recessive blue eye genes I've passed on to Jaide and Kiree. I got these photos from my Mom the last time I visited her. Thanks Bob for helping me scan them in.

In the back row- Marie (Dad's aunt?), Joe (my grandpa, he died in 1984 shortly before my little brother was born), Vi (my grandma). Front row Sara and Lee (my great grandparents, Grandma's parents) and that baby is my dad, Mike. So I'm guessing this picture is from Christmas time 1948?

Friday, September 12, 2008

First Day of School! Second Day of School! Third Day of School!

Jaide with her bag of "rest time" items.
Last week was Jaide's first week of preschool. She likes school a lot. Jaide and Kiree wore matching shirts in honor of the first day of school. Unfortunately, Jaide insisted on wearing old, stained shorts for the first day. Oh well! She doesn't care, I guess I shouldn't be too bothered by it. I prepared ahead for the first day, but somehow, we still ended up being a bit frazzled and a little late.

Jaide with her Curious George backpack at her cubbie.

Things went a lot better on Wednesday. I had everything ready and made sure we left early to get there on time. We even had time to take a picture outside the school before class. I also got to put Jaide's hair up before we left (Monday it didn't even get combed-yikes!) I did Jaide's hair the same way for her swim class on Tuesday. Jaide was doing so good they moved her up to level 4 (she was in level 2). Jaide was actually swimming, underwater, all by herself.

I really enjoyed the time I've had to myself this week while Jaide has been in school and Kiree has been taking a nap. I've been working on reading or listening to the last general conference before the next one. Kiree and I have had some good time together just the two of us as well. Sadly, I got Bob's cold on Thursday and so on Friday I spent much of the day lying down and taking it easy. I think I'm feeling better now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 Months Old

Here's a video clip for your enjoyment (hopefully it works for you). Kiree- in her own 'words'

Kiree turned 10 months old on Monday. Just two more months till her birthday! We got her a new carseat since she was starting to figure out how to get out of her baby bucket. But she wasn't as successful as Jaide was (Jaide at 9 months managed to get out of her seat and hang onto it while standing inside it facing the front of the car- like a stunt man, while we were driving on 29 or 32 or something).
I decided to go for a girly seat since we have two girls and then we'll definitely have a boy next time, right? But Kiree will be in this seat for a while so I don't think it matters too much. Jaide is still light enough to sit in this seat and she really wanted to try it out.

Kiree is sporting just a diaper after she made a huge mess of dinner.

After I got the straps adjusted, we strapped Kiree in for a test sit.

Jaide sitting in the Bumbo approves (you're a bit big for that seat that helps babies sit up Jaide!)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Update

I've been working in the kitchen..
Kiree and Jaide play with wooden spoons as we go through and organize stuff in the kitchen
It was a fairly uneventful weekend. We decided to stay home on Saturday because of tropical storm Hanna, but it wasn't even that bad. But the good thing about staying home all day is that we managed to clean and organize the kitchen. I don't know how it ended up taking all day, but it did. I did also do some cleaning and organizing of the entry closet and the upstairs linen closet that we store extra food in. We ended up with a bag full of stuff to donate, yay! I guess we also did a little cleaning up in our room too. We're getting ready to switch rooms. I think this is going to be the biggest project we've ever done.
Being home all day, Bob had a few opportunities to observe some of Jaide's whiney-ism that I deal with on a daily basis. Jaide gets very whiney when she gets frustrated. But overall we had a pretty good day and I feel like we got a ton done- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working together with my Bob.
A Jaide original drawing. Crayon on copy paper. Our family
Preparation for tomorrow
Today I made Jaide's lunch for her first day of preschool tomorrow. We got her clothes picked out and hung them up in the bathroom. It's hard to believe my little Jaide will be in preschool already. She is very excited. I hope she has a good time.
Life and death
I've mentioned before our expanding colony of snails in our aquarium. They continue to multiple quite rapidly despite our occasional efforts to "return" their eggs "to the sea." But now we also have baby fish! One of the blue and red fish disappeared for a few days inside the sunken ship and now it's back out and about 8-12 baby fish as well.
See two baby fish above the gravel line. And those brown spots in the gravel are baby snails.
I've never had any pets have any babies before so this just seems crazy. "From Thirsty" (the big yellow snail we had when all these babies started appearing) finally kicked the bucket. We thought he was dead for a while, but then he kept coming out of his shell and waving a tentacle around. He never went anywhere, just moved around enough to make me not want to throw him out. Well, the other day it was pretty much obvious he was dead (and being eaten-eww). So there you go, the circle of life.
Anyone want any tiny fish or tiny snails? Free to a good home!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday we went to Ikea. They were having fun goings on and sales for the long holiday weekend. We missed free breakfast but we did come in time for lunch (not free though). There was live music and a face painter. So Jaide got her face painted like a butterfly. Bob had to go to some trouble to get some actual cash to tip the face painter's tip jar. Even though there was quite a crowd, it didn't seem too bad, and Jaide even got to go play in smalland (or however the heck it's spelled). Bob and I had a mission and that was to look at the Pax wardrobes which are their built-in closety type things. It was a lot less tiring to have a focus and not just wander around two floors aimlessly. We headed down to the As Is section on the bottom floor since it looked like the finish we liked was being discontinued. We were hugely in luck! They had several of the solid wood doors and drawer fronts brand new in their plastic (not even hugely or even at all damaged like a lot of that stuff is!) We got 6 doors for only $4 each! The drawer fronts were a little more like 7 or 8 bucks if I remember correctly. We're going to build one awesome closet in the little room when we switch rooms with the girls. We're still deciding what kind of frame to get. It looks like we might still be able to get the matching frames at the Ikea in Baltimore or we might just get a different color for the interior part.
The stuff didn't fit inside the car (especially with us in the car as well) so Bob had to rig it up on the roof).
I already wrote about Sunday's excitement (see post below).
On Monday we went back to the Six Flags park again this time with Jaide's "favorite friend" Megan and her family.
look at the "twinners" we didn't even coordinate shirts!
We had a fun time despite Kiree's super poops. The line to get in to the parking lot was long, but the other lines weren't terribly long. Kiree breached her diaper while we were waiting to get into the parking lot. It sure smelled but we had no idea that it was actually all over. clothes (including shoes), all over her seat and the blanket we brought for her. It was NA AAH STY! Was it due to the beed containing baby food she had tried the day before? Was it due to Jaide feeding Kiree spoonfuls of pasta sauce when she thought no one was looking Sunday night? I don't know. We're not taking any chances with either of those again any time soon.
Kiree in her second outfit of the day and with crazy spiked hair after getting all sunscreened up.
When we came out for lunch Kiree was asleep in the stroller. When she woke up and I got her out, to my horror- more escapee poop! We had to throw away her juice cup. I added the second set of dirty clothes to the ziploc bag I had (my good friend bleach helped me take care of all of that when we got home). Good thing I had two extra outfits!
Mommy and Kiree in her 3rd outfit of the day.
It was the last day the water park was open and for obvious reasons, Kiree was not allowed in the water. But the rest of us went in. I finally got to go on an innertube ride with Jaide since she is finally over 42" even barefoot.
Jaide in her favorite "ball area" at the park.
We won't be back at our park until Fright Fest in October. We wanted to go up to New Jersey this weekend to visit their awesome Six Flags park, but the whole tropical storm Hanna thing will probably keep us home.

Happy Birthday to my SIL Amber (the 2nd!), my BIL Allen (the 3rd!), and my sister Kathy (today, the 4th!). I hope you all had/are having a great birthday!