Thursday, September 11, 2008

10 Months Old

Here's a video clip for your enjoyment (hopefully it works for you). Kiree- in her own 'words'

Kiree turned 10 months old on Monday. Just two more months till her birthday! We got her a new carseat since she was starting to figure out how to get out of her baby bucket. But she wasn't as successful as Jaide was (Jaide at 9 months managed to get out of her seat and hang onto it while standing inside it facing the front of the car- like a stunt man, while we were driving on 29 or 32 or something).
I decided to go for a girly seat since we have two girls and then we'll definitely have a boy next time, right? But Kiree will be in this seat for a while so I don't think it matters too much. Jaide is still light enough to sit in this seat and she really wanted to try it out.

Kiree is sporting just a diaper after she made a huge mess of dinner.

After I got the straps adjusted, we strapped Kiree in for a test sit.

Jaide sitting in the Bumbo approves (you're a bit big for that seat that helps babies sit up Jaide!)


Meg said...

And Happy Birthday to the VP of my inlaw club, Hannah!

Mahaffey Family said...

Almost 1! Time sure does fly! Poor Ashlyn is still facing backwards in her seat, because she's not 20 lbs. yet! Don't know when she'll get to turn around!

kathy said...

yay for kiree! i like her new seat, but i hope that doesn't mean you'll have a boy next. i'm still hoping we'll win the (slow-motion) race to getting that boy's name!

Hules said...

Pink is inevitable isn't it? At 3 girls I still haven't bought a pink carseat... I did finally break down & do pink baby bedding. I just figure that by toddlers everything they choose is pink, so why not add a few other colors, eh?

That carseat story is hilarious, but scary. Jocelyn is so the same way.... no restraints kind of gal. Good luck! They sure keep us on our toes.

Meg said...

Jaide was the same way, it took her a long time to reach 20lbs and Kiree will be the same way I'm sure. But at least this seat is a convertable so now it's backwards but it's a 5 point harness not like the baby bucket! My next baby bucket purchase will definitely have a 5 point harness and I recommend it to all my friends.

Jenni said...

Kiree is so adorable and vocal!! Cute! I like the pink seat!:)

bfeagin said...

She's so cute. 10 months already! That juiec bottle looks huge in her hands! :)