Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home Again

Kiree before the funeral at her little Great Grandma's house. I finally found a type of bow that will stay in her hair!

Kiree and I made it back a little before midnight on Monday night. The trip back to Chicago for the funeral wasn't too bad. Kiree didn't sleep on the plane ride out but thankfully she did sleep the last 20 minutes of the flight home. She sure was a cranky girl the day we came home!
There were a lot of very nice people who helped me at the airport the night we came in. One woman got a cart for me. A few others offered to watch Kiree and all the stuff on said cart while I took a potty break in the ladies room.

Kiree and her Little Great Grandma. Kiree was a little shy at first, but by the end of our stay, she was pretty comfortable with Kathy and Grandma.

I rented a car by myself for the first time ever. It was a red Chevy HHR. I had no idea what that was. But it's kind of a weird, boxy looking car. It took like 20 minutes to figure out how to roll down the window, and that was with the lady at the gate of the car rental place directing me. The switches were on the middle console in case you were wondering.
We went to the service on Saturday and it was nice. My dad and my aunt Michelle said some things about Grandma. Some of the stories I had never heard before. They buried Grandma's ashes next to Grandpa's grave. Afterwards we went out for lunch at a place called The Milk Pail that my Grandma had liked. I was glad to have Little Grandma with us to navigate. She knows where everything is since she lived in that town basically all her life (she now lives in a neighboring town). While I grew up in Chicago, I didn't venture to the suburbs all that often, so I needed directions.
Kathy, Kiree, and I stayed with Little Grandma. She is now our last living grandparent. We had a good time staying with her. We enjoyed playing cards and hearing stories. My aunt Cynthia joined us for some card playing on Sunday night. I kept wanting to call Kathy Jaide. Sometimes I nearly call Jaide Kathy too. But I guess I really missed Jaide. This was the first time I had gone more than a day without seeing Jaide since she was born.
Monday morning we went out to breakfast with Grandma, aunt Cynthia, and Nellie- she was Grandma's neighbor, now aunt Cynthia's neighbor and she's know us kids our whole lives. Kathy wanted to get a Giordano's pizza to take home to Rusty so we stopped and ordered one after breakfast. It was going to take about 30 minutes to cook, so we went over to the nearby Kohl's. Grandma and sleeping Kiree hung out in the car and Kathy and I looked around a bit. Kathy (I started typing Jaide!) found a necklace she really liked but kept debating about whether or not to buy it. I told her she should. She ended up buying it.
That afternoon I had to take Kathy back to the airport to go home. I guess we probably should have planned a bit better and I should have just gone with her too, but I didn't. Grandma came along to drop her off. Then we drove back to Grandma's to get my stuff and it was pretty much time to turn around and head back to the airport. Thankfully I got back to the rental place at about 7:40, and got to the place to check in bags at 4 minutes to 8. My flight left at 9:05 so we even had time to take these pictures, go potty, and buy a bottle of apple juice for Kiree.

This dinosaur replica used to be at the Field Museum, now it's in the United terminal at O'hare airport. The little old ladies at Grandma's complex thought Kiree was a boy wearing this striped pink/red shirt.


rosie said...

The bow looks really cute on Kiree.

Mahaffey Family said...

Glad you guys had a good trip and made it back safe!

kathy said...

Meg, you were totally peeking at my cards in that one picture! Now I know why I came in last that game. :)