Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

On Saturday we went to Ikea. They were having fun goings on and sales for the long holiday weekend. We missed free breakfast but we did come in time for lunch (not free though). There was live music and a face painter. So Jaide got her face painted like a butterfly. Bob had to go to some trouble to get some actual cash to tip the face painter's tip jar. Even though there was quite a crowd, it didn't seem too bad, and Jaide even got to go play in smalland (or however the heck it's spelled). Bob and I had a mission and that was to look at the Pax wardrobes which are their built-in closety type things. It was a lot less tiring to have a focus and not just wander around two floors aimlessly. We headed down to the As Is section on the bottom floor since it looked like the finish we liked was being discontinued. We were hugely in luck! They had several of the solid wood doors and drawer fronts brand new in their plastic (not even hugely or even at all damaged like a lot of that stuff is!) We got 6 doors for only $4 each! The drawer fronts were a little more like 7 or 8 bucks if I remember correctly. We're going to build one awesome closet in the little room when we switch rooms with the girls. We're still deciding what kind of frame to get. It looks like we might still be able to get the matching frames at the Ikea in Baltimore or we might just get a different color for the interior part.
The stuff didn't fit inside the car (especially with us in the car as well) so Bob had to rig it up on the roof).
I already wrote about Sunday's excitement (see post below).
On Monday we went back to the Six Flags park again this time with Jaide's "favorite friend" Megan and her family.
look at the "twinners" we didn't even coordinate shirts!
We had a fun time despite Kiree's super poops. The line to get in to the parking lot was long, but the other lines weren't terribly long. Kiree breached her diaper while we were waiting to get into the parking lot. It sure smelled but we had no idea that it was actually all over. clothes (including shoes), all over her seat and the blanket we brought for her. It was NA AAH STY! Was it due to the beed containing baby food she had tried the day before? Was it due to Jaide feeding Kiree spoonfuls of pasta sauce when she thought no one was looking Sunday night? I don't know. We're not taking any chances with either of those again any time soon.
Kiree in her second outfit of the day and with crazy spiked hair after getting all sunscreened up.
When we came out for lunch Kiree was asleep in the stroller. When she woke up and I got her out, to my horror- more escapee poop! We had to throw away her juice cup. I added the second set of dirty clothes to the ziploc bag I had (my good friend bleach helped me take care of all of that when we got home). Good thing I had two extra outfits!
Mommy and Kiree in her 3rd outfit of the day.
It was the last day the water park was open and for obvious reasons, Kiree was not allowed in the water. But the rest of us went in. I finally got to go on an innertube ride with Jaide since she is finally over 42" even barefoot.
Jaide in her favorite "ball area" at the park.
We won't be back at our park until Fright Fest in October. We wanted to go up to New Jersey this weekend to visit their awesome Six Flags park, but the whole tropical storm Hanna thing will probably keep us home.

Happy Birthday to my SIL Amber (the 2nd!), my BIL Allen (the 3rd!), and my sister Kathy (today, the 4th!). I hope you all had/are having a great birthday!


Hules said...

That Looks like such a fun Labor Day! I have to say your quirk that you tell people you are 5'10 cracked me up. We have a running joke betweeen us, because I always tell people I'm 5'6. I even just put it on my driver's license.... but I too am 1/4 short, actually 5 5' & 3/4.

kathy said...

yay for pictures! I'm happy you guys had such a good time, even with your super duper pooper (do you remember what that's from?) thanks for the birthday wishes. it's so nice to have everyone remember. :)

bfeagin said...

You guys have a ton of fun! Do you have season tickets or something?

Meg said...

Hey Julia, I just wish I weighed what my driver's license says ;)
Keakster, I sure do remember the super dooper pooper. I think Kiree is one but just in diapers. hee hee.
Brooke, we do have season tickets. They were only $50 each and we have sure gotten way more than our money's worth for them!

Jenni said...

Woo hoo for Ikea!! I am so missing having one close!! Good job to you for being prepared with all the outfits!! You are a good mommy!:)