Monday, September 29, 2008

More Jaide'isms'

Late August: "four means you're strong!"

Sept 7th: Jaide, very annoyed with mom and dad while driving home from church- "Ahhhh!" points to mommy, "your hair looks bad!"

~Sept 16th: "why do i have to listen to my teacher" (after I told her she needed to listen to her swim teacher. I think she honestly wanted to know).

Sept 25th: Jaide took off her clothes because she spilled a small amount of water on them. She was running around in her underwear when she said, "i'm jungle girl (sounds like gail when she says it) that's why i'm wearing jungle pants, so no one can see my jungle bottom (sticks out bottom and grabs it for emphasis).

The other day: Standing on the arm of the couch, "i'm the teacher, now be quiet! everyone look at me"

Yesterday: Bob was trying to practice Spanish words with Jaide but she didn't want to. "how do you say no in Spanish?"

Also yesterday: "okalah means ouchie in Spanish. when i get an ouchie mommy puts on a ban ban......" (then she went into a whole random monologue, that gal's a talker she is! She enjoys making up Spanish words and for some reason last night, sign language signs as well)

This morning: Grabbing the mini pumpkin I bought the other day. "we've got to take care of this pumpkin so it can be healfly and strong." (that's a favorite phrase for prayer time too)

This morning: Saying goodbye to mommy at preschool, "see you tomorrow."


kathy said...

you've got to love that Jaide.

Emily Petty said...


Meg said...

I forgot the one yesterday. I went visiting teaching and Bob said we wouldn't have icecream until I got back home. So right before I left she said to me in a very serious tone "mommy, remember to come home... and then we can have icecream"

Tracy said...

So funny how she insulted your hair. That is just not nice.

bfeagin said...

I can't believe she said that about your hair! What a crack-up!