Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekend Update

I've been working in the kitchen..
Kiree and Jaide play with wooden spoons as we go through and organize stuff in the kitchen
It was a fairly uneventful weekend. We decided to stay home on Saturday because of tropical storm Hanna, but it wasn't even that bad. But the good thing about staying home all day is that we managed to clean and organize the kitchen. I don't know how it ended up taking all day, but it did. I did also do some cleaning and organizing of the entry closet and the upstairs linen closet that we store extra food in. We ended up with a bag full of stuff to donate, yay! I guess we also did a little cleaning up in our room too. We're getting ready to switch rooms. I think this is going to be the biggest project we've ever done.
Being home all day, Bob had a few opportunities to observe some of Jaide's whiney-ism that I deal with on a daily basis. Jaide gets very whiney when she gets frustrated. But overall we had a pretty good day and I feel like we got a ton done- I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working together with my Bob.
A Jaide original drawing. Crayon on copy paper. Our family
Preparation for tomorrow
Today I made Jaide's lunch for her first day of preschool tomorrow. We got her clothes picked out and hung them up in the bathroom. It's hard to believe my little Jaide will be in preschool already. She is very excited. I hope she has a good time.
Life and death
I've mentioned before our expanding colony of snails in our aquarium. They continue to multiple quite rapidly despite our occasional efforts to "return" their eggs "to the sea." But now we also have baby fish! One of the blue and red fish disappeared for a few days inside the sunken ship and now it's back out and about 8-12 baby fish as well.
See two baby fish above the gravel line. And those brown spots in the gravel are baby snails.
I've never had any pets have any babies before so this just seems crazy. "From Thirsty" (the big yellow snail we had when all these babies started appearing) finally kicked the bucket. We thought he was dead for a while, but then he kept coming out of his shell and waving a tentacle around. He never went anywhere, just moved around enough to make me not want to throw him out. Well, the other day it was pretty much obvious he was dead (and being eaten-eww). So there you go, the circle of life.
Anyone want any tiny fish or tiny snails? Free to a good home!


Tracy said...

What? A little girl is whiney? I don't believe it. My girls are never like that. Glad you got to work with Bob on your rainy day.

Emily Petty said...

I love to get my closets organized too! In fact, I had just finished organizing all the rooms and closets in our house...and then we moved!!

bfeagin said...

I love rainy days for that! We finally put some boxes under our house that were beginning to become furniture...

Hules said...

Isn't it great for Bob to have a flexible schedule to spend a day together!?! & Isn't feeling organized just the best feeling!?!