Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby's 1st Halloween

Kiree's last 1st holiday (besides birthday I guess) in pictures.

Happy Halloween!

We had a good Halloween. All four of us ended up at Jaide's preschool Halloween party. Kiree devoured a rice krispy treat ghost. I forgot to bring the camera. Bob took the girls trick or treating this evening and I passed out candy. We all dressed up again- although lazy us, we just used the the logos we printed out last week which Bob and I had both stuck up randomly somewhere in the house. Kiree's logo got trashed, so she just went without one. Then we ate probably too much candy, took pictures, and just enjoyed ourselves. Good thing I went to the gym this afternoon! It's hard to believe tomorrow is November.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Halloween Season

So it's 10:30ish and I still haven't made Jaide's lunch or finished putting the extra stuff someone gave me for the preschool halloween party goodie bags in the bags, but here I've been sitting and reading blogs and now posting on mine. Hmm.
Well today we had a little Halloweeny themed party for the end of our little outdoor playgroup. It's getting kind of cold for the park nowadays. Then this evening we went to the Maryland Science Center for their Halloweeny themed members' night. We got to see the Sea Monsters 3D Imax movie and go to the kids area- both of which we had never done in either of our two previous visits. Imax movies usually cost, but tonight it was free. It was pretty hillarious to see Jaide's reactions to the 3D movie. She was a bit scared. There were monstery prehistoric animated sea creatures seeming to swim right at you at parts. I told her that she could take the glasses off if it got to scary. She did a couple of times. She also tried a couple of times to grab some of the less scary sea creatures. Kiree didn't get 3D glasses. She entertained herself by taking her shoes and socks off and trying to grab the boy in front of her's hat. She did make friends with the girl sitting next to the boy and she ended up coming back into our row for the last couple of minutes of the movie. If the movie hadn't of been free, only 50minutes, and full of families with equally noisy kids, it might not have been so plesant.
We had a fun time. I can't believe we never went to the kids area before. We'll definitely be going there every time from now on!
So tomorrow is actually Halloween. And I guess that will bring this year's "Halloween Season" to a close. It sure has been a season. But it is fun. Maybe tomorrow we'll have to go to the store and get some clearance Halloween stuff. I need a new skeleton for my front door. Jaide decapitated the old one last year. Today when we were driving home, there was a panhandler out on the island at 175 and 1 and his sign said "happy holidays" at the bottom of it. I guess Halloween is the start of the "Holiday Season" ?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Incredible! Trunk or Treat

Friday was the annual Trunk or Treat activity at church. This year we also had a chili cook-off and dessert bake-off. And like any other time we're coming to an activity we're not required to help set up, we were late. But hey, we still got to eat before the trunk or treating began.
This year we decided to be the Incredibles since Kiree has the right kind of hair to be Jack Jack.
I bought Jaide's costume from, since they had a Violet costume and it wasn't too expensive. I bought Kiree a solid red pajamma outfit from Walmart's website since I wasn't have much luck otherwise. Actual Jack Jack costumes on ebay were going for way, way too much.
For Bob and I, I bought red, long sleeved t-shirts at Joanns fabric store. I also bought some fabric remnants that I was going to use to make the black underwearish part of our costumes, but that didn't end up getting done. I ended up using my black swim shorts and buying a pair of black boxers for Bob. Bob had a red pair of sleep pants and I got a red pair of pants from a thrift store. I was going to make iron on patches for our shirts, but we didn't get around to that either. So in these pictures we actually have a logo printed out on plain paper and taped on. It worked out pretty well. I should have cut out Kiree's logo too. So probably for Friday night we'll do that again (the other papers got kinda trashed).
Lots of people told us our costumes were incredible! We even found our long lost son, Dash who came with another family to the trunk or treat but we didn't get a picture.

The girls and I got into some candy after we got home. Sorry Kiree, no peanut butter candy for you.

We took off the costumes before we actually opened up the chocolate.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Okay, crafty people- please advise

So the other day I got this catalog in the mail full of stuff you could buy for your kid's first birthday party. Hmm, it's like they know I've got a kid with a first birthday coming up or something. I actually saw something cute that I would like to do for Kiree's birthday. It's these cute little cupcakes. I didn't order the ducky candles from that catalog (or anything else)- I bought the candles on ebay! But here's my dilemma, I'm trying to figure out the best way to make bubbles on the cupcake so that they'll look cute, but also taste good. Also, I don't want them to gag the guest of honor who still only has four teeth and sucks most of her food. Here's what I've come up with so far and the pros and cons that I can think of.
Fondant balls- pro: would look good, may be easier than making frosting balls, cons: I don't think it tastes particularly good and I don't know how Kiree would like it.
Frosting made into little balls with a round tip- pro: tasty, easy for Kiree to eat, con: could be messy or easy to mess up/not look as good.
Some kind of spherical bubble looking candy- pro: it could taste good depending on what kind it is, it might look nice too, con: it might not exist, it might be too hard for Kiree to eat
Mini Marshmellows- pro: very easy, soft for Kiree, con: looks kinda weird.

So to wrap up a way longer than I thought it would be post---what do you think? Also, I was thinking of doing a cake and a few cupcakes, or just one cupcake for Kiree.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Like Five Weekends Smooshed Into One

I've had some success in getting rid of the crayon stains (post below). Some of the stuff will need another go around. This here site had some good tips for getting rid of dryer crayon disasters for those who were wondering.
We had a very full weekend. I think it was our making up for so many weekends straight of working by dumping all the fun into one Friday and Saturday.
Friday Bob and I had dentist appointments, and Jaide had no school, so we all got to go to the dentist. At least neither of us had cavities!
After the dentist, we all went home and had lunch together. Then I took the girls to Jaide's preschool "field trip" to the petting farm (home of the infamous "pick your own flowers" sign). We had a fun time once we finally got going. Jaide was kind of scared to feed the animals at first, but then she got over it. Kiree really wanted to be a free range child. Did I mention she started walking last week? Oh yeah, she did. We got to go on a hayride and then the girls picked out pumpkins from "the field" (they had a bunch of small and tiny pumpkins laid out on a big grassy area). Jaide got a little Jaide pumpkin and Kiree got a little baby pumpkin. I guess Bob and I will have to get some pumpkins to represent us some time.
Friday night we had dinner with our friends the DeGraws and then we stayed pretty late playing games. Kiree got put to bed while we were there, but Jaide and her bud stayed up really late watching a Dora movie until they finally conked out.
Sadly, when we did get home, Kiree woke up after about an hour of sleeping in her crib and didn't want to go back to sleep. And Jaide was a crabby pants frequently on Saturday. But at least we had a lot of fun stuff to bribe her with in exchange for hushing up/calming down.
It was Cartoon Day at the Maryland Science Center and Jaide was excited to go and meet some cartoon characters (ie people dressed up in costumes). But it sure did make her happy. She met Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, all four of the Berenstein Bears, and Bob the Vid Tech (he's the local PBS station's kids show host guy). We nearly didn't go since it took us forever to find the museum. That's the problem with going somewhere once and then not bothering to look up directions the next time you go. But I think we'll forever know it from now on. Right on Light Street! Right on Light Street!
They have a new exhibit at the Science Center that is about K'nex and it has a big area where you can build your own (and pay by the pound if you want to take it home). Did you know they actually make big k'nex for little kids? I had no idea, but they were fun to play with.
After we left the museum we headed down to Ikea for lunch and to get some stuff we needed. Sadly, they still didn't have one of the parts that we needed. But lunch was pretty good. I was very happy to get the parts they did have because I am SOOOOO ready to be done working on our room! I put together my enormous pull out drawer and put it in my wardrobe today, yay!
After we left Ikea, we headed out to Six Flags for some Fright Fest Fun. It was a little later than we had hoped, but we still had some sunlight for a while and it wasn't as scary an atmosphere as it seemed like at the one in Chicago when we were kids. Jaide really loved the hayride they had just for kids and went on it three times. Jaide and Kiree both got to trick or treat. We also watched a halloween stunt show. It was fun but when we decided to go, we were ready to go. We were tired!
Sadly Kiree had bad sleeping habits this weekend, waking up during the night and waking up for the day at frightfully early hours, but happily we got the girls to bed early on Sunday night and that seems to have done the trick! woo hoo!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crayon Strikes Twice!

When I found a blue crayon in the washing machine with Jaide's clothes I thought, "hmm, could there be more in the wet laundry, nah!" I was wrong.

Doh! There Goes My 5 Year Streak

I hadn't had a migraine headache in 5 years until yesterday. So I basically lost Monday this week. At least Bob decided to take Columbus Day off.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Little Miss Independent

Kiree turned 11 months yesterday. It is hard to believe that in less than a month it will be her birthday!
Yesterday Kiree and I went shopping while Jaide was at preschool. We spent nearly all the day (minus morning nap time) at the stores in the shopping center by the church. I got Kiree some 12 month sized clothes appropriate for cooler weather. Most of Jaide's old 12 month clothes are shorts and the like. During our shopping, Kiree was not content to be carted around or even held. She wanted to crawl and cruise on her own. The problem was that if I looked at stuff for like 3 seconds and then looked back at her, she was already several feet away. She is one determined little babykins! She wanted to make friends with some of the ladies who were stocking stuff at Target. She kept crawling back to them every time I set her down.
Every Thursday morning, we go to the park and meet up with some of the moms and kids from the ward. Last week Kiree wanted to be in on the action- crawling around and up on the equiptment. Today she was even more into it. She found this little tube area and just hung out in there for several minutes. I had to pull her out so other kids could go through it. Kiree also used the new climbing up slides trick she learned on Sunday (at home on our plastic slide in the basement). She kept trying to climb one of the little slides, but it was kind of slick and she ended up looking like she was on a crawling treadmill.

Some Kiree Fun Facts:
  • Kiree is inexplicably drawn to underpants. Every single day at bathtime, she grabs either Jaide's clean underpants (or her dirty ones) and carrys them around until we take them away. She even climbed up on the toilet seat tonight to grab Jaide's clean underoos from the back of the tank.
  • Kiree is quite the climber these days. She loves to scale the stairs and will do so quite speedily if no one is watching. She does not, however, know how to get down and fortunately, she hasn't come down them the way Jaide did a couple of times when we first moved here (ie falling down them).
Kiree's hair is starting to get a little long
  • Kiree repeats some words randomly and says some things that I think are probably words. She repeated "hot dog" one day. I asked her if she was going to get out of the tube today and she said something that sounded like "no." She waves hi and bye and sometimes makes noises that sound like hi and bye. She definately says "da da" and "daddy." Those were her first real words. She does also say "ma ma" now.
  • Kiree does not want to eat baby food. She wants to eat whatever we're eating. We pretty much let her. She sure does like to eat when the food is interesting (ie is something the big people are eating).
  • Kiree can stand all by herself and she will cruise along and take steps if there is something to grab on to. She is very strong, but not quite sure of herself enough to let go and try walking on her own.
  • In addition to underpants, Kiree is also drawn to cords, outlets, laptops, and your plate of food, even if it is the same as what she has. In contrast, she repells socks, shoes, and often her pants.

Jaide at least, loves "matching clothes!" Lucky for me they're wearing 12mo and 5T respectively so it's not too hard to find matching stuff for them. Unluckily I'm quite a sucker for it and probably buy too much.

We got those good morning/good night jammies yesterday. They each got a set of two but they're wearing opposite ones.

I know it's hard to believe...

...but our stop-gap car window solution failed today. The piece of wood came out of place and the window came down. So what do you think we did? Yup, Bob opened the door up again and secured the wood in place with some twine stuff. Are we rednecks? I always thought I was just ghetto (I guess that would have been the garbage bag solution).

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You Make the Call

Your driver side car window no longer rolls up from the half rolled up position, no matter how hard you flip the little button. What do you do?

A. Take it to a car repair place right away, it's dangerous to leave your car all open like that.

B. Using duct tape and a trash bag, fashion a new window.

C. Open up the door and try to fix it. When you can't figure out the right way to fix it- grab a piece of wood to prop the window up in the closed position and put the door back together, secret wood inside.

You make the call


Which do you think we did?

How Do You Lose Your Shoes?

When we were in Chicago this past June, Jaide somehow lost her flip flops. They just disappeared either between the car and the hotel, or somehow they disappeared in the hotel. Now for some reason, Jaide has only one sneaker. We can't find the other one anywhere. How do you lose one shoe somewhere in your house? It's not in any of the usual or unusual places.

See, no shoes.

P.S. Happy Birthday to Aunt Becky! You're not a minor any more :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

3 tooth

Kiree has three teeth: two on the bottom, one on the top. Her top tooth is sticking out quite a bit. It makes me think of the Halloween episode of the Simpsons where Maggie gets her first tooth and it becomes a fang because Maggie is really half alien. Fortunately, Kiree is not any part alien, but she is pretty cute.

Work, Work, Work

I don't have too much interesting stuff to write about right now. We've been doing a lot of work on the big project. I've finished painting and I'm not touching another paint brush or roller for the rest of the year! We bought the frames for our big 'ol closet/wardrobe and have one set up so far. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get a couple of things accomplished this weekend that I wanted to but we did manage to get a few things done, and the house is fairly clean even! We listened/watched general conference online and the girls weren't completely nuts. On Saturday Jaide was a bit stir crazy (even after going to Spanish class in the morning and playing outside with the neighbor twins for a little bit). So she and I went to the gym while Kiree napped and Bob did whatever Bob did. Sunday wasn't too bad actually. We listened to the morning session in the girls' room while they played. Fortunately, babysitting for a friend this past week lit a fire under my behind to get the girls' room "play ready" and they sure have enjoyed it. It's a little "restaurant" play area. For the afternoon session we went down to the basement with it's mountain of stuff we moved down there while working upstairs. Jaide played a computer game, Kiree figured out how to crawl up the slide, and I managed to put some stuff away- yay! I also went through the baby clothes and decided which ones I'm willing to give away.
Sorry Jaide, your "house" isn't quite the same any more

I'm still hoping that we can be all finished* by the end of this month with the upstairs projects.

*ah "finished" Is anything ever actually "finished?" I have such issues with completely completing anything it seems. I guess I should say finish as much as I plan to do at this point. There's always more that you could do. Like I'd like to replace the bedroom doors since they're cheap and all kicked in by the previous kid residents of this house. But I don't know that that's going to happen any time soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

15lbs 1.6oz

That was Kiree's official weight at the weight check today. She's still below the curves on the percentile chart, but at least she is going up and getting closer to the 3% line. Kiree is now 28 inches long, which according to this chart they gave me, is between the 25% and 50% marks. So they're happy she is headed in the right direction. Now I can be less stressed about it for about a month and a half, then we go in for the 1 year check up.