Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Halloween Season

So it's 10:30ish and I still haven't made Jaide's lunch or finished putting the extra stuff someone gave me for the preschool halloween party goodie bags in the bags, but here I've been sitting and reading blogs and now posting on mine. Hmm.
Well today we had a little Halloweeny themed party for the end of our little outdoor playgroup. It's getting kind of cold for the park nowadays. Then this evening we went to the Maryland Science Center for their Halloweeny themed members' night. We got to see the Sea Monsters 3D Imax movie and go to the kids area- both of which we had never done in either of our two previous visits. Imax movies usually cost, but tonight it was free. It was pretty hillarious to see Jaide's reactions to the 3D movie. She was a bit scared. There were monstery prehistoric animated sea creatures seeming to swim right at you at parts. I told her that she could take the glasses off if it got to scary. She did a couple of times. She also tried a couple of times to grab some of the less scary sea creatures. Kiree didn't get 3D glasses. She entertained herself by taking her shoes and socks off and trying to grab the boy in front of her's hat. She did make friends with the girl sitting next to the boy and she ended up coming back into our row for the last couple of minutes of the movie. If the movie hadn't of been free, only 50minutes, and full of families with equally noisy kids, it might not have been so plesant.
We had a fun time. I can't believe we never went to the kids area before. We'll definitely be going there every time from now on!
So tomorrow is actually Halloween. And I guess that will bring this year's "Halloween Season" to a close. It sure has been a season. But it is fun. Maybe tomorrow we'll have to go to the store and get some clearance Halloween stuff. I need a new skeleton for my front door. Jaide decapitated the old one last year. Today when we were driving home, there was a panhandler out on the island at 175 and 1 and his sign said "happy holidays" at the bottom of it. I guess Halloween is the start of the "Holiday Season" ?


Tracy said...

I love shopping after Halloween for half of costumes. But this year I haven't found a Halloween store like I usually do that they set up in huge warehouses. If you know of one, let me know.

Jenni said...

Ooh, Halloween clearances are my favorite - hope you find good deals! Happy Halloween!!

Meg said...

Well, I went to Walmart today and where the halloween candy used to be- all Christmas candy. Christmas candy?!? Um, Christmas is still two months away. We don't need the dumb candy yet. And the halloween aisle of other stuff- basically empty. I want to hit the craft store though. I'd better go today before it's all Valentine's stuff.

janae said...

Yay! I'm glad you found my blog! Gotta love the post-halloween sales! A couple years ago my older sister (whose kids were 6, 5, and 3 at the time) bought some 40 or 50 cheap, cheap costumes at the after sales. Then she got a nice wooden dressing box to keep them in, and gave all that to her kids for Christmas. It was their favorite Christmas present yet!

ps. Target had a Christmas aisle set up on Sept 9th this year!

pps. okay, and I'm terrible, but I usually put up Christmas lights on November 1st. I'm not a huge Thanksgiving fan.

Meg said...

Hey Janae
I understand the lights thing- why not do it before it's freezing, but Christmas candy isn't going to stay fresh forever. I guess they're just expecting people to eat it now and then buy even more when it actually is Christmas time.

bfeagin said...

That sounds like a really cool place. You'll have to tell me where it is. Free is very nice!