Monday, October 20, 2008

Like Five Weekends Smooshed Into One

I've had some success in getting rid of the crayon stains (post below). Some of the stuff will need another go around. This here site had some good tips for getting rid of dryer crayon disasters for those who were wondering.
We had a very full weekend. I think it was our making up for so many weekends straight of working by dumping all the fun into one Friday and Saturday.
Friday Bob and I had dentist appointments, and Jaide had no school, so we all got to go to the dentist. At least neither of us had cavities!
After the dentist, we all went home and had lunch together. Then I took the girls to Jaide's preschool "field trip" to the petting farm (home of the infamous "pick your own flowers" sign). We had a fun time once we finally got going. Jaide was kind of scared to feed the animals at first, but then she got over it. Kiree really wanted to be a free range child. Did I mention she started walking last week? Oh yeah, she did. We got to go on a hayride and then the girls picked out pumpkins from "the field" (they had a bunch of small and tiny pumpkins laid out on a big grassy area). Jaide got a little Jaide pumpkin and Kiree got a little baby pumpkin. I guess Bob and I will have to get some pumpkins to represent us some time.
Friday night we had dinner with our friends the DeGraws and then we stayed pretty late playing games. Kiree got put to bed while we were there, but Jaide and her bud stayed up really late watching a Dora movie until they finally conked out.
Sadly, when we did get home, Kiree woke up after about an hour of sleeping in her crib and didn't want to go back to sleep. And Jaide was a crabby pants frequently on Saturday. But at least we had a lot of fun stuff to bribe her with in exchange for hushing up/calming down.
It was Cartoon Day at the Maryland Science Center and Jaide was excited to go and meet some cartoon characters (ie people dressed up in costumes). But it sure did make her happy. She met Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, all four of the Berenstein Bears, and Bob the Vid Tech (he's the local PBS station's kids show host guy). We nearly didn't go since it took us forever to find the museum. That's the problem with going somewhere once and then not bothering to look up directions the next time you go. But I think we'll forever know it from now on. Right on Light Street! Right on Light Street!
They have a new exhibit at the Science Center that is about K'nex and it has a big area where you can build your own (and pay by the pound if you want to take it home). Did you know they actually make big k'nex for little kids? I had no idea, but they were fun to play with.
After we left the museum we headed down to Ikea for lunch and to get some stuff we needed. Sadly, they still didn't have one of the parts that we needed. But lunch was pretty good. I was very happy to get the parts they did have because I am SOOOOO ready to be done working on our room! I put together my enormous pull out drawer and put it in my wardrobe today, yay!
After we left Ikea, we headed out to Six Flags for some Fright Fest Fun. It was a little later than we had hoped, but we still had some sunlight for a while and it wasn't as scary an atmosphere as it seemed like at the one in Chicago when we were kids. Jaide really loved the hayride they had just for kids and went on it three times. Jaide and Kiree both got to trick or treat. We also watched a halloween stunt show. It was fun but when we decided to go, we were ready to go. We were tired!
Sadly Kiree had bad sleeping habits this weekend, waking up during the night and waking up for the day at frightfully early hours, but happily we got the girls to bed early on Sunday night and that seems to have done the trick! woo hoo!


bfeagin said...

I'm so jealous you were able to manage all that! Especially with two kids. I'll get that brave someday.

Tracy said...

Oh, how fun. I wish I would've gone. My kids love Sponge Bob. What a fun weekend. Your baby is walking! Crazy.

kathy said...

you guys are always so busy! i just saw sponge bob for the first time over the weekend (with the neices & nephews). it must be an acquired taste. :) good thing your girlies have gotten back into a normal sleep pattern. that kiree sure was an early riser in chicago.