Thursday, October 9, 2008

Little Miss Independent

Kiree turned 11 months yesterday. It is hard to believe that in less than a month it will be her birthday!
Yesterday Kiree and I went shopping while Jaide was at preschool. We spent nearly all the day (minus morning nap time) at the stores in the shopping center by the church. I got Kiree some 12 month sized clothes appropriate for cooler weather. Most of Jaide's old 12 month clothes are shorts and the like. During our shopping, Kiree was not content to be carted around or even held. She wanted to crawl and cruise on her own. The problem was that if I looked at stuff for like 3 seconds and then looked back at her, she was already several feet away. She is one determined little babykins! She wanted to make friends with some of the ladies who were stocking stuff at Target. She kept crawling back to them every time I set her down.
Every Thursday morning, we go to the park and meet up with some of the moms and kids from the ward. Last week Kiree wanted to be in on the action- crawling around and up on the equiptment. Today she was even more into it. She found this little tube area and just hung out in there for several minutes. I had to pull her out so other kids could go through it. Kiree also used the new climbing up slides trick she learned on Sunday (at home on our plastic slide in the basement). She kept trying to climb one of the little slides, but it was kind of slick and she ended up looking like she was on a crawling treadmill.

Some Kiree Fun Facts:
  • Kiree is inexplicably drawn to underpants. Every single day at bathtime, she grabs either Jaide's clean underpants (or her dirty ones) and carrys them around until we take them away. She even climbed up on the toilet seat tonight to grab Jaide's clean underoos from the back of the tank.
  • Kiree is quite the climber these days. She loves to scale the stairs and will do so quite speedily if no one is watching. She does not, however, know how to get down and fortunately, she hasn't come down them the way Jaide did a couple of times when we first moved here (ie falling down them).
Kiree's hair is starting to get a little long
  • Kiree repeats some words randomly and says some things that I think are probably words. She repeated "hot dog" one day. I asked her if she was going to get out of the tube today and she said something that sounded like "no." She waves hi and bye and sometimes makes noises that sound like hi and bye. She definately says "da da" and "daddy." Those were her first real words. She does also say "ma ma" now.
  • Kiree does not want to eat baby food. She wants to eat whatever we're eating. We pretty much let her. She sure does like to eat when the food is interesting (ie is something the big people are eating).
  • Kiree can stand all by herself and she will cruise along and take steps if there is something to grab on to. She is very strong, but not quite sure of herself enough to let go and try walking on her own.
  • In addition to underpants, Kiree is also drawn to cords, outlets, laptops, and your plate of food, even if it is the same as what she has. In contrast, she repells socks, shoes, and often her pants.

Jaide at least, loves "matching clothes!" Lucky for me they're wearing 12mo and 5T respectively so it's not too hard to find matching stuff for them. Unluckily I'm quite a sucker for it and probably buy too much.

We got those good morning/good night jammies yesterday. They each got a set of two but they're wearing opposite ones.

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Mahaffey Family said...

What a big girl she is!They grow so fast!