Tuesday, October 7, 2008

You Make the Call

Your driver side car window no longer rolls up from the half rolled up position, no matter how hard you flip the little button. What do you do?

A. Take it to a car repair place right away, it's dangerous to leave your car all open like that.

B. Using duct tape and a trash bag, fashion a new window.

C. Open up the door and try to fix it. When you can't figure out the right way to fix it- grab a piece of wood to prop the window up in the closed position and put the door back together, secret wood inside.

You make the call


Which do you think we did?


Jenni said...

Bummer... I think you did C. Because that is the most detailed option.:) Hope it stays up!

Mahaffey Family said...

My guess is C as well. Sorry to hear about your window.

rosie said...

I vote C also, because that sounds the most like something one of my brothers or guy cousins would do.

I'm sorry too, (but it's also pretty funny!)

Meg said...

I guess I actually was the one to suggest it (option c) since I really wanted Bob to stop working on the car and start working on stuff inside the house.