Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

And happy 88th birthday Little Grandma!
This is our 9th Thanksgiving spent together. It would be 10th if we hadn't skipped 2000. Also 9 years ago today we decided to start dating. Pretty crazy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Want That

Here's something cute I found while I was looking at the official Fisher Price Little People website. It's an ornament of the little barn that I used to play with at my Grandma's house. It was the coolest ever. Apparently this is a Hallmark Ornament so maybe I can find one on sale after Christmas :)
There are other views and the description here. It even moos.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


The Smithsonian American History Museum is reopening tomorrow! I've been sad that the last two times we've gone down to DC it's been closed for renovations. Here's the story on CNN.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Baby

We celebrated Kiree's 1st birthday while we were in California (9 days ago now). It was a multi-day celebration. I made cupcakes and we sang happy birthday to Kiree at her great grandparents house the night before her birthday.

The before and the aftermath of birthday cupcake

Poor Jaide was so tired that she slept through it.
Kiree's Grandma made her a beautiful quilt. Now Jaide and Kiree both have their own beautiful blankies and don't have to fight over Jaide's when they play blankie related games.
I went for the frosting balls look, but my "decorating bag" had issues and I only got six done the right way. The others got "improvised"
On Kiree's birthday, Jaide had a cupcake in the morning at Bob's Aunt Roseanne's house (birthday cake in the morning is a birthday tradition at their house and Jaide hadn't had any yet). We headed south a little later than I had hoped (Kiree's nap was pushed way back) and went to the Six Flags park. So this year we went to a Six Flags park on both of the girls birthdays. We could have gone for Bob's as well, but we didn't. If we were going to be in California for mine this December we could have gone, but we won't be.
After the park, we drove on to Bob's Uncle John's house. We had yummy tacos for dinner and Kiree impressed every one with how much she ate. She likes taco meat. We had cupcakes again with icecream this time and sang happy birthday again to Kiree. I believe I helped Kiree blow out her duckie candle both times. Jaide would have but she was asleep or too far away to do it.

Kiree enjoying her blankie on Sunday night at Uncle John and Aunt Pat's home.

Kiree at One Year:
You still love Mommy, Jaide, Daddy, underpants, Dora the Explorer books, juice, and whatever food is not currently on your plate.
You have a smile that lights up a room.
You've got a little baby mullet thing going on and reddish hair.
We can't quite tell what color your eyes are. They look brown in the middle and blue on the outside.
You walk and stand up with out holding on to anything.
You throw things in the trash can and then look at them sitting inside the trashcan.
You love to climb up the stairs.
You love to put things in and out of containers, put lids on and off, climb up and down on things (like your highchair).
You play and laugh with your big sister and love (almost) every minute of it.
We sure do love you Kiree Kiddo!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amusing Activities

On our trip to California we had two fun-filled outings. The first was to the nearby Nimbus Fish Hatchery.
Looking for salmon- not seeing any

We took way, way too many movies of this, but it sure was fun to watch Jaide feed the baby fish and freak out when they started jumping out of the water in excitement for food. Bob's Mom came along with us for this one. We rented a big old lincoln so there was plenty of room.
There's a river and a dam and a salmon run thing at the hatchery. I managed to capture one salmon coming up on video. Apparently there are a lot more at Thanksgiving time.
"baby salmon egg" at the visitors' center and "twin salmon?"

In addition to the big cement tanks of baby fish and the salmon run there was also an interesting little visitors' center. I never knew salmon had a better sense of smell than a dog, but now I do!
Near closing time, that truck (below left) was driving up and down along the tanks shooting out fish pellets. The fish really went nuts for it. This picture doesn't really capture it at all.

Our other fun excursion was to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom- our last Six Flags trip with our season passes. Sadly, we left the camera in the car and didn't feel like going back to get it. The parking lot was kind of far from the actual park. It was cool because it was like a zoo with some rollercoasters. There were not very many lines which was also nice. We went to the sea lion show and the elephant show. At the end of the elephant show everyone got to pet the elephant. We paid the $5 so Jaide could feed the giraffes. She was kind of scared to feed them. That would have been a cool picture.

We took a couple of pictures when we got back to the car (left foreground) and you can kind of see the park in the distance. Jaide is pretending to be asleep, Kiree really is.
One thing we didn't pay much for was food. We didn't really bring much food- just plane snacks and they were all in the far away car. We bought a thing of popcorn but then some guy who had been at a picnic in the pavillion stopped at our table and gave us one of the souvenier cups (empty and unused) and the wrist band for free refills since he was going home and wouldn't use it. Then when we went to fill up the cup this guy and his kids had a bunch of food but were finished eating. They had two full things of french fries and gave them to us. It was kind of weird. I think we paid more to feed the giraffes than we did to feed us. We didn't stay too long since we were on the way to Bob's Uncle John's house and we were planning to be there by dinner time. I think we really got our money's worth on those season passes though.
You can actually see Kiree in this last one. A big thank you to Aunt Kathy's neighbor who let us borrow the stroller. We totally spaced it on the bringing one of our many strollers thing.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Great Grandpamas

We wanted to visit Bob's Grandparents in Northern California this summer, but we decided it would work out better to come this fall. We thought it would be fun to come out for Grandma's 90th birthday and Kiree's 1st birthday which are just 3 days apart.
Jaide hadn't seen her R. Great Grandparents since she was a little older than Kiree and Kiree had never met them before. Too bad we didn't manage to get any very good pictures. Jaide is wearing a plastic "hard hat" her Grandma brought for her from an Enrichment activity they had in their ward. It says "Preparedness Sisters Inc." She wore that in the airport coming home too.
We stayed in El Dorado Hills where they live for part of the time; staying with an Aunt a few days and an Uncle one evening. We also went down south a little ways and stayed with one of Bob's Uncle's from his Mom's side over the weekend. We had a fun time and I met some relatives I hadn't met before.
Great Grandma's birthday is on Veteran's Day. She was born the day that World War I ended. She was interviewed by two local newspapers while we were in town. There are these two rocks in their town that people paint to honor other people on their birthdays or for other important events. We painted the rock for Great Grandma. Jaide helped out a little, but mostly just painted the back side. Bob was having way too much fun with the spray paint that other people had left behind. We the actual birthday party since we flew home that afternoon, but we did get to see everyone decked out for their family photo before we left.
There was much game playing, some of which I took part in. There were some walks, a couple outings, and some just hanging around.
We tired the girls out. Jaide fell asleep that day at 6pm local time. Jaide and Bob sure loved playing with the boy toys that Bob's young cousins had- nerf guns, shooter video games, and even a trampoline.
Kids asleep in one room, adults playing games in the other.

Poor Baby or Stats

Quick break from blogging about our trip. I took Kiree to the doctor today for her 12mo check up. For those of you keeping score at home, her are her latest stats:
29.25" long
16lbs 1.5oz weight
17.5" head circumference (don't you love when they switch back and forth between cm and in at different visits?)
So Kiree is still moving upwards weight-wise on her own little curve well below the 3rd percentile. They checked her for anemia again today and she was so good, she didn't even cry. Sadly, the result was bad, so we had to go down to the lab for an arm blood draw (both arms since the first didn't work!) Now that was some crying. Kiree ended up getting four shots. That was also some crying! All that right at nap time- poor girl. So we have to come back in four weeks for the second flu shot, check on her iron, and also a weight check. We gotta get back to sneaking those vitamins into Kiree's food. Now look real sad and say 'doh' "dooh"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Plane Pain

Kiree Kiddo is not the best airplane traveler. The flight to Chicago was crazy! We ended up with juice and snacks spilled all over. During the layover at O'Hare I was ready to swear off all traveling with children ever again. Fortunately, the ride to Sacramento wasn't as bad. Kiree and Jaide both fell asleep.
We saw in the airplane magazine that the movie coming home would be Wall-E. We were excited since Jaide really wanted to see it. Jaide fell asleep before the movie started and right before it was going to start, Bob woke Jaide up. Then the movie wasn't Wall-E. It was some dumb movie. They put in the wrong thing. Lame! Kiree slept a lot on the flights home because she got a nasty cold on our trip. I was glad she slept and didn't cry too much.

Did You Miss Me?

We're back again from California. Well, we got back very early Wednesday morning. I have a lot of pictures and stuff to blog about, but I also have a lot of mess to clean up around here. Yesterday was laundry day- I guess today is dishes, shopping, and cleaning up. But we had a good trip. Poor Kiree has a nasty cold. More to come.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday's Great Adventure

At the end of our day- Jaide pretends to be asleep, Kiree was asleep, but then woke up.
On Saturday Jaide said, "we have lots of adventures!" It sure is true. I guess we are just gluttons for punishment fun and getting stuff done!
Jaide had her last Spanish class on Saturday. It was supposed to be the last class, and a fiesta, but one class got canceled so Jaide will miss the fiesta which is now next week. I took Jaide to her class so I could run some errands afterward. Bob had been taking her each week.
After class we went to the MVA to get an EZ Pass. It's hard to pay tolls when your window won't roll down. So problem solved! Then we headed over to Joann's to get cheap Halloween stuff. It was kind of picked over on the day after Halloween, but I did get some fun stuff including that halloween flashlight Jaide has in the picture. 59cents is way better than whatever they were charging for light up junk in the park!
Then we headed home, had lunch, and headed north to New Jersey to go to the Six Flags park up there. However, we decided to stop at the Ikea in Philadelphia since they had the wardrobe part we've been missing and which our Ikea never has for some reason. That was a little bit of an adventure, because the Ikea is far from the interstate and very close to the water. I didn't know Philadelphia was close to the water, but apparently it is.

Behind that auto parts store is a big 'ol creepy looking ship. Now that would be a cool place to have a haunted house. This picture was taken in the Ikea parking lot.

We probably took a little too long and the girls were hungry again. (We did pull off somewhere in Delaware and ate some goldfish and stuff but...)
Picture of when we stopped in Delaware.
We got some pretzels at Ikea and then I discovered that the waterbottle I had in my bag had a wrong lid and had completely leaked all over. Fun!
We found our way back to the interstate and finally got to Great Adventure at around 6ish. It is a very fun park. Too bad we didn't even get to see all of it. Bob and I took turns going on the Dark Knight rollercoaster. I had heard it wasn't that great, and I thought it was okay. After we had both gone on it, I figured out that Jaide could have gone on it too. Oh well. We didn't go on again. But I was happy that all four of us could go on some of the many kid friendly rides. As long as you could walk and sit up on your own, and you were with a parent, you could go on. Most of the attendants just asked if Kiree could walk, but one kinda cranky lady said, 'no, he has to walk all the way to the ride by himself' I had been holding Kiree's hand while she was walking. Um, no, she's not going to do that, because she doesn't get the whole ride idea. So I stepped in front of Kiree and had her walk to me. Kiree of course started walking all the wrong directions and finally the lady said, 'okay, that's enough.'
We actually bought dinner at the amusement park. I know, amazing!

We had a coupon from our coupon book for a Papa Johns family meal. I didn't realize it was so much stuff- a pizza, bread sticks, salad, 4 lemon or cherry ice tubes, and a souvenir soda cup. It was less than $30!
Bob wanted to go on the tallest, fastest roller coaster in America (the world?) but he was 20 min to late, they closed it early.
We stayed until it closed which was kind of dumb since it closed at 10 and we still had like 3hrs of driving ahead of us. I slept part of the way. The girls slept most of the time. Fortunately Bob didn't sleep too much, since he was the one driving.
We will definitely have to go back again some time. Maybe the next time we get a six flags season pass- which probably won't be for a couple of years. We sure have gotten a lot of use out of those passes this year. We'll be using them one last time next Saturday in California.