Saturday, November 15, 2008

Amusing Activities

On our trip to California we had two fun-filled outings. The first was to the nearby Nimbus Fish Hatchery.
Looking for salmon- not seeing any

We took way, way too many movies of this, but it sure was fun to watch Jaide feed the baby fish and freak out when they started jumping out of the water in excitement for food. Bob's Mom came along with us for this one. We rented a big old lincoln so there was plenty of room.
There's a river and a dam and a salmon run thing at the hatchery. I managed to capture one salmon coming up on video. Apparently there are a lot more at Thanksgiving time.
"baby salmon egg" at the visitors' center and "twin salmon?"

In addition to the big cement tanks of baby fish and the salmon run there was also an interesting little visitors' center. I never knew salmon had a better sense of smell than a dog, but now I do!
Near closing time, that truck (below left) was driving up and down along the tanks shooting out fish pellets. The fish really went nuts for it. This picture doesn't really capture it at all.

Our other fun excursion was to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom- our last Six Flags trip with our season passes. Sadly, we left the camera in the car and didn't feel like going back to get it. The parking lot was kind of far from the actual park. It was cool because it was like a zoo with some rollercoasters. There were not very many lines which was also nice. We went to the sea lion show and the elephant show. At the end of the elephant show everyone got to pet the elephant. We paid the $5 so Jaide could feed the giraffes. She was kind of scared to feed them. That would have been a cool picture.

We took a couple of pictures when we got back to the car (left foreground) and you can kind of see the park in the distance. Jaide is pretending to be asleep, Kiree really is.
One thing we didn't pay much for was food. We didn't really bring much food- just plane snacks and they were all in the far away car. We bought a thing of popcorn but then some guy who had been at a picnic in the pavillion stopped at our table and gave us one of the souvenier cups (empty and unused) and the wrist band for free refills since he was going home and wouldn't use it. Then when we went to fill up the cup this guy and his kids had a bunch of food but were finished eating. They had two full things of french fries and gave them to us. It was kind of weird. I think we paid more to feed the giraffes than we did to feed us. We didn't stay too long since we were on the way to Bob's Uncle John's house and we were planning to be there by dinner time. I think we really got our money's worth on those season passes though.
You can actually see Kiree in this last one. A big thank you to Aunt Kathy's neighbor who let us borrow the stroller. We totally spaced it on the bringing one of our many strollers thing.


Mahaffey Family said...

What a fun trip!

bfeagin said...

Is that out in California or out here?

Meg said...

This was in California. I think I'm going to post one more post about the trip and be done.

Emily Petty said...

Wow, what a trip! I know what you mean about flying with babies. That fish hatchery looks fun, I bet the videos are funny.