Monday, November 17, 2008

Birthday Baby

We celebrated Kiree's 1st birthday while we were in California (9 days ago now). It was a multi-day celebration. I made cupcakes and we sang happy birthday to Kiree at her great grandparents house the night before her birthday.

The before and the aftermath of birthday cupcake

Poor Jaide was so tired that she slept through it.
Kiree's Grandma made her a beautiful quilt. Now Jaide and Kiree both have their own beautiful blankies and don't have to fight over Jaide's when they play blankie related games.
I went for the frosting balls look, but my "decorating bag" had issues and I only got six done the right way. The others got "improvised"
On Kiree's birthday, Jaide had a cupcake in the morning at Bob's Aunt Roseanne's house (birthday cake in the morning is a birthday tradition at their house and Jaide hadn't had any yet). We headed south a little later than I had hoped (Kiree's nap was pushed way back) and went to the Six Flags park. So this year we went to a Six Flags park on both of the girls birthdays. We could have gone for Bob's as well, but we didn't. If we were going to be in California for mine this December we could have gone, but we won't be.
After the park, we drove on to Bob's Uncle John's house. We had yummy tacos for dinner and Kiree impressed every one with how much she ate. She likes taco meat. We had cupcakes again with icecream this time and sang happy birthday again to Kiree. I believe I helped Kiree blow out her duckie candle both times. Jaide would have but she was asleep or too far away to do it.

Kiree enjoying her blankie on Sunday night at Uncle John and Aunt Pat's home.

Kiree at One Year:
You still love Mommy, Jaide, Daddy, underpants, Dora the Explorer books, juice, and whatever food is not currently on your plate.
You have a smile that lights up a room.
You've got a little baby mullet thing going on and reddish hair.
We can't quite tell what color your eyes are. They look brown in the middle and blue on the outside.
You walk and stand up with out holding on to anything.
You throw things in the trash can and then look at them sitting inside the trashcan.
You love to climb up the stairs.
You love to put things in and out of containers, put lids on and off, climb up and down on things (like your highchair).
You play and laugh with your big sister and love (almost) every minute of it.
We sure do love you Kiree Kiddo!


aunt rosie said...

She really does have an incredible smile.

Emily Petty said...

Happy Birthday to Kiree! Your cupcakes turned out great - I love the bubbles! We took a picture of Frank recently where I think he looks a lot like Kiree - I'll have to email it to you.

Brenda said...

I can't believe she is already a year old!! She is so dang cute!

kathy said...

Those cupcakes really look good! I'm impressed that Kiree was a big eater on the taco meat. Thanks for putting up more pictures.

Tracy said...

I can't believe it's been a year! That's crazy. Happy Birthday to a very sweet baby!

bfeagin said...

Yeah, the cupcakes really look cute, despite the forsting bag! What a cute one year old.