Friday, November 14, 2008

Great Grandpamas

We wanted to visit Bob's Grandparents in Northern California this summer, but we decided it would work out better to come this fall. We thought it would be fun to come out for Grandma's 90th birthday and Kiree's 1st birthday which are just 3 days apart.
Jaide hadn't seen her R. Great Grandparents since she was a little older than Kiree and Kiree had never met them before. Too bad we didn't manage to get any very good pictures. Jaide is wearing a plastic "hard hat" her Grandma brought for her from an Enrichment activity they had in their ward. It says "Preparedness Sisters Inc." She wore that in the airport coming home too.
We stayed in El Dorado Hills where they live for part of the time; staying with an Aunt a few days and an Uncle one evening. We also went down south a little ways and stayed with one of Bob's Uncle's from his Mom's side over the weekend. We had a fun time and I met some relatives I hadn't met before.
Great Grandma's birthday is on Veteran's Day. She was born the day that World War I ended. She was interviewed by two local newspapers while we were in town. There are these two rocks in their town that people paint to honor other people on their birthdays or for other important events. We painted the rock for Great Grandma. Jaide helped out a little, but mostly just painted the back side. Bob was having way too much fun with the spray paint that other people had left behind. We the actual birthday party since we flew home that afternoon, but we did get to see everyone decked out for their family photo before we left.
There was much game playing, some of which I took part in. There were some walks, a couple outings, and some just hanging around.
We tired the girls out. Jaide fell asleep that day at 6pm local time. Jaide and Bob sure loved playing with the boy toys that Bob's young cousins had- nerf guns, shooter video games, and even a trampoline.
Kids asleep in one room, adults playing games in the other.

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