Thursday, November 13, 2008

Plane Pain

Kiree Kiddo is not the best airplane traveler. The flight to Chicago was crazy! We ended up with juice and snacks spilled all over. During the layover at O'Hare I was ready to swear off all traveling with children ever again. Fortunately, the ride to Sacramento wasn't as bad. Kiree and Jaide both fell asleep.
We saw in the airplane magazine that the movie coming home would be Wall-E. We were excited since Jaide really wanted to see it. Jaide fell asleep before the movie started and right before it was going to start, Bob woke Jaide up. Then the movie wasn't Wall-E. It was some dumb movie. They put in the wrong thing. Lame! Kiree slept a lot on the flights home because she got a nasty cold on our trip. I was glad she slept and didn't cry too much.

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bfeagin said...

Oooooh, maaaan! That stinks about the movie. You're getting me really excited to fly to Reno for Christmas!...