Friday, November 14, 2008

Poor Baby or Stats

Quick break from blogging about our trip. I took Kiree to the doctor today for her 12mo check up. For those of you keeping score at home, her are her latest stats:
29.25" long
16lbs 1.5oz weight
17.5" head circumference (don't you love when they switch back and forth between cm and in at different visits?)
So Kiree is still moving upwards weight-wise on her own little curve well below the 3rd percentile. They checked her for anemia again today and she was so good, she didn't even cry. Sadly, the result was bad, so we had to go down to the lab for an arm blood draw (both arms since the first didn't work!) Now that was some crying. Kiree ended up getting four shots. That was also some crying! All that right at nap time- poor girl. So we have to come back in four weeks for the second flu shot, check on her iron, and also a weight check. We gotta get back to sneaking those vitamins into Kiree's food. Now look real sad and say 'doh' "dooh"


janae said...

Poor Kiree! Those blood draws are awful! Seara was low on iron just once (at 9 months) - luckily it ended soon. She was in the 2nd percentile for weight from 4 months til 2 years (when she moved up to the 10th). I think she hit 20 lbs after 20 months. (I turned her carseat around way before that because I'm naughty :). Those Ricks. Passing on these super skinny genes! :)

Meg said...

Jaide was a skinny girl too, but Kiree is sure beating her. We also turned Jaide around well before she hit 20lbs. She was very, very tall though and she didn't have anyone back there to entertain her either. I'm in no rush with Kiree because she doesn't seem to care.