Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday's Great Adventure

At the end of our day- Jaide pretends to be asleep, Kiree was asleep, but then woke up.
On Saturday Jaide said, "we have lots of adventures!" It sure is true. I guess we are just gluttons for punishment fun and getting stuff done!
Jaide had her last Spanish class on Saturday. It was supposed to be the last class, and a fiesta, but one class got canceled so Jaide will miss the fiesta which is now next week. I took Jaide to her class so I could run some errands afterward. Bob had been taking her each week.
After class we went to the MVA to get an EZ Pass. It's hard to pay tolls when your window won't roll down. So problem solved! Then we headed over to Joann's to get cheap Halloween stuff. It was kind of picked over on the day after Halloween, but I did get some fun stuff including that halloween flashlight Jaide has in the picture. 59cents is way better than whatever they were charging for light up junk in the park!
Then we headed home, had lunch, and headed north to New Jersey to go to the Six Flags park up there. However, we decided to stop at the Ikea in Philadelphia since they had the wardrobe part we've been missing and which our Ikea never has for some reason. That was a little bit of an adventure, because the Ikea is far from the interstate and very close to the water. I didn't know Philadelphia was close to the water, but apparently it is.

Behind that auto parts store is a big 'ol creepy looking ship. Now that would be a cool place to have a haunted house. This picture was taken in the Ikea parking lot.

We probably took a little too long and the girls were hungry again. (We did pull off somewhere in Delaware and ate some goldfish and stuff but...)
Picture of when we stopped in Delaware.
We got some pretzels at Ikea and then I discovered that the waterbottle I had in my bag had a wrong lid and had completely leaked all over. Fun!
We found our way back to the interstate and finally got to Great Adventure at around 6ish. It is a very fun park. Too bad we didn't even get to see all of it. Bob and I took turns going on the Dark Knight rollercoaster. I had heard it wasn't that great, and I thought it was okay. After we had both gone on it, I figured out that Jaide could have gone on it too. Oh well. We didn't go on again. But I was happy that all four of us could go on some of the many kid friendly rides. As long as you could walk and sit up on your own, and you were with a parent, you could go on. Most of the attendants just asked if Kiree could walk, but one kinda cranky lady said, 'no, he has to walk all the way to the ride by himself' I had been holding Kiree's hand while she was walking. Um, no, she's not going to do that, because she doesn't get the whole ride idea. So I stepped in front of Kiree and had her walk to me. Kiree of course started walking all the wrong directions and finally the lady said, 'okay, that's enough.'
We actually bought dinner at the amusement park. I know, amazing!

We had a coupon from our coupon book for a Papa Johns family meal. I didn't realize it was so much stuff- a pizza, bread sticks, salad, 4 lemon or cherry ice tubes, and a souvenir soda cup. It was less than $30!
Bob wanted to go on the tallest, fastest roller coaster in America (the world?) but he was 20 min to late, they closed it early.
We stayed until it closed which was kind of dumb since it closed at 10 and we still had like 3hrs of driving ahead of us. I slept part of the way. The girls slept most of the time. Fortunately Bob didn't sleep too much, since he was the one driving.
We will definitely have to go back again some time. Maybe the next time we get a six flags season pass- which probably won't be for a couple of years. We sure have gotten a lot of use out of those passes this year. We'll be using them one last time next Saturday in California.


Cindy said...

The girls both look so cute in their brown coats.

kathy said...

holy cow! you guys sure get around. that is great that you've been able to use your six flags passes so much. and the girls really do look cute in those coats.

rosie said...

Kiree looks like a teddy bear sitting on that bench.

kathy said...

oh, I also think it's hilarious how Jaide pretends to be asleep. I remember how we used to do that when we were little. :)

Emily Petty said...

I didn't know Kiree was was walking! You sure do have adventures.

Cindy said...

Happy birthday Kiree!

rosie said...

Happy birthday, Kiree! Viva Kiree-copia!

Hules said...

Looks like SO much fun! I think Pennsylvania has to be my favorite state! Sounds like you had a great trip... and Happy 1st Birthday to Kiree! Can you believe a whole year has gone by?