Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Boston in the Faaaaaaaaawl!

(there's a Veggie Tales song called The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything in which they sing about things they don't do because they're pirates who don't do anything. Mostly it's about piratey things, but Larry the Cucumber sings about a bunch of random things like licking a spark plug and how he's never been to Boston in the fall. "And we've never been to Boston in the Faaaaaaaaaaawwl!" is the last line of the song. We'd never been to Boston in the fall either until a couple of days ago. Here is that story)

We went to Boston to visit Bob's sister Emily and her husband Travis (Tramily) for thanksgiving. We flew into Manchester, NH so now we can add that to our map of US states we've been to. When we got off the plane there was a sign with an outline of New Hampshire on it and I pointed it out to Jaide. She got all excited and said, "Like on my puzzle?!" She likes that puzzle of the US she has. But NH and VT are together in one piece on that puzzle. We got to hang out at the airport for a little while since Emily was picking us up straight from work. We were the very last people to pick up our luggage and we got it just before they carted it off to wherever they cart luggage off to. The cool thing about that airport though, besides the fact that it is tiny is that it had not just advertisements, but actual stuff as part of advertisements.
See the giraffe in the background? This picture was on the way home.

There was a dining room set as an advertisement for a furniture store. A few "yankee" boats. And we really enjoyed the comfy chairs set up by another furniture store because you could actually sit in them (the rest of the stuff was roped off. I think the big wooden sculptures were just art, but the Bathfitter Bathtub was definitately an ad.
Tramily have a rather large dog named Bradley. He is quite affectionate and loves to lick people. Jaide was excited about the dog, but also concerned. She ended up spending the first couple of hours perched atop their kitchen countertop. Eventually she overcame her fears and learned to tell the dog "no." Even Kiree eventually learned to tell the dog "no." It has since become one of her favorite words to say.

Someone's been sitting in my bed and they're still there!

So Tuesday morning was the first day and we all took a nap after having some late breakfast. I don't know if Jaide did. She had come down from the counter to the couch with me and I was her human shield from the dog. She was watching Finding Nemo and I napped and woke up and repeated. We have Finding Nemo taped off of TV from a Thanksgiving past, so it seems like a Thanksgiving movie to me. Sadly, I must have memorized every commercial break because when the movie hit those points I thought about the commercial that followed.

Bradley's headless carebear toy. Travis said Bradley was very sad when he accidentally ripped it.

Tramily bought a high chair for Kiree to use (and for their own baby to use in a few months) and it was really nice. I'm a big fan of the 5-point harness- much harder to escape from! Bradley loved the highchair too since if he hung out underneath it when Kiree was eating, he got to eat a lot of stuff that fell down from it. He got so much yummy food that he started getting picky. "A cheerio? Nah! I'll wait for something really good."
Wednesday everyone was home, so we took the train into the city and went to the Children's Museum. Our Science Center passes got us in for free- woo hoo! Of course, we forgot our camera. But some of the highlights included a huge climbing structure, a bubble making room, a room with golf ball ramps to run golf balls down, an Arthur exhibit, giant chess, a little kiddo playroom, a digital floor dodgeball game, and a boat/float room. We were all pretty tired by the time we left. Both kiddos fell asleep as we walked back to the train. We got to cross over a bridge over the water of Boston Tea Party fame. We went past a huge Macy's store with an enormous tree on it's ledge. Kiree slept most of the way home on the train. At one point she just sat up straight, opened her eyes, and said something loudly. Then she was awake. It was kind of funny.

The piano was a big hit, sometimes literally. Sorry for all the little fingerprints all over your piano Emily!

Thursday we got up and got to work. We cleaned up a bit (we sure have messy children!) and made some food. We brought our turkey roaster and some cranberries. We made cranberry meringue pie and kept messing up. We made one the right way (straining out the skins) but in the end we decided we like it better with them in. It's more tart that way. Thanksgiving dinner was really good. A bunch of other people ended up coming over and we played games. I think we played games every day we were there.

Jaide grabbed the camera and took random pictures of the TV and of her little buddy that came over on Thanksgiving.

Friday morning we just kind of hung out. Then in the afternoon we went shopping. We were going to go to the zoo, but it was raining. We went to Target and looked around but nobody bought anything. Then we went to the Christmas Tree Store. That was kind of a fun store. We did buy a few things there. We came home and the girls managed to make more messes right before it was time to go.
Travis took us back to the airport. When we got to the counter the lady said, "going to Baltimore?" Yup, it's that small of an airport. I really do love short flights! It was weird to get on an airplane and get off like an hour later and it was also weird to fly somewhere and have it be the same time zone. I also love Southwest because since there were empty seats, I got to put Kiree in her baby bucket in her own seat. She slept during the flight and I got to read, yay!

We had a fun trip and we hope Tramily enjoyed having us there. Hopefully we can go back again for the baby blessing this spring.


kathy said...

Great pictures Meg. Kiree's baby mullet sure is getting longer. :) I'm happy you guys had such a fun Thanksgiving. I'll have to post our pictures soon.

Tracy said...

How fun. I've been to Boston once and I loved it. So glad you had a nice visit.

Emily Petty said...

I love the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything! And Boston is always great - sounds like you guys had quite the trip!

Jenni said...

Absolutely awesome that their name is Tramily!:) I'm so glad you had a great family Thanksgiving!!:)

Anonymous said...

Very cute pictures. That Kiree is getting cuter every day.