Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Traditions

We don't have a whole lot of family traditions for Christmas yet. We've just kind of done some from each of our families so far. For the past few years I've wanted to watch the old black and white version of A Christmas Carol that we used to watch when I was younger. I finally got to this year. I signed up for netflix again just so I could get that movie. Fortunately it even came before Christmas eve. We let Jaide stay up to watch it with us. She kept asking what was going on every couple of minutes and where the "bad guy" was.

Bob's mom makes tea rings at Christmas to give out and for Christmas breakfast. We've kind of been doing that too (when we've been home). So we gave out several tea rings and some cinnamon rolls to people. Hopefully we weren't giving out viruses too on our rounds.

We acted out the nativity on Christmas Eve like Bob's family does each year (well, with a lot less people). Jaide was Mary and Kiree was an angel.

This year we did not make Christmas enchiladas (we did the last Christmas eve we were home for back in 04) but I think we probably will in the future.

This month, we made cutout sugar cookies, and lots of other sweets. We went last Sunday to see the lights at the temple (it sure was crowded!) We watched the Charlie Brown Christmas movie as well as How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I think we pretty much did everything we really wanted to from my list of Christmasy stuff I wrote (and lost).

Our ward even had a Christmas party this year and we got to go to that too. Jaide sang with the primary and ran around a lot with her friends. Kiree tried to run around too but we didn't let her so much because she is much smaller than most of the kids.

Some of our families' traditons are kind of at odds with one another since they're opposite things, like opening presents on Christmas morning wearing pjs vs. getting dressed and looking good for pictures. This year we mostly got dressed before presents. Kiree ended up getting undressed and redressed though since she got sick. I'm not sure what we'll do next year. I did miss seeing our families though.


kathy said...

Those pictures are so cute! Kiree makes a great little angel and Jaide is cute as Mary. We missed seeing you guys this Christmas, too. You know what tradition Rusty and I have kept from my younger days? An advent calendar with the little chocolates. We read a Christmas scripture and then eat the candy. (So it's different from what we did growing up, but based on it)

Tracy said...

Those are great pictures of you and your family traditions! So glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Hules said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful Christmas card! I put it on our fridge with Brenda's & my MTC comp's (who also have all girls) At one point my daughters thought it fun to see how many little girls we could get on our fridge from each family. We got up to 14 girls with just a few families (including ours). That would make one great princess playdate... perhaps someday.

Cute photos! One fun tradition that Jaide & Kiree might like is that we go to Michaels each Christmas & the girls get to pick out 12 projects (little inexpensive things like painting wood ornaments) & then they give one to their sister each day for 12 days before Christmas.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & Thanks again for your Usborne order too. Anything new in Avon lately? Or do you still have any of the older lotions like Shine, Sheer rose, & lime & verbena?

Jenni said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas, well aside from the sickies. The nativity play pics are very cute!!

Emily Petty said...

Merry Christmas - sounds like you had all kinds of ways to celebrate! What are tea rings? So sorry to hear that you've all been sick - hopefully you are getting better!

Meg said...

Hey Julia, maybe sometime this year our princesses can get together. We might be going out to Utah this year but we don't know for sure yet. That is a fun Christmas tradition. It would be nice to have the girls make something for one another so they're a little more involved in it. I've actually stopped doing Avon since it was taking too much time, but if you do need some more stuff you can search on their site for someone in your area.

Meg said...

Hi Emily,
The tea rings we make are like a coffee cake with a nut filling. Cinnamon roll dough with nut filling rolled up in a long piece and connected into a ring shape. Then we cut into the outside of the ring about every inch to make it more wreath like and so you can see some of the filling.
Thanks for the well-wishes. Everyone seems to be doing better now. Yay!