Monday, December 15, 2008

The I Am Tag

Jenny tagged me a while back

I am: Meg.
I think: a lot.
I want: to be happy.
I have: a sweet family.
I dislike: the mess the girls make when they eat.
I miss: being young.
I fear: messing up.
I feel: okay.
I hear: a clock ticking.
I smell: cookies.
I crave: um, cookies? they're right over there in the kitchen.
I cry: every now and again.
I usually: waste way too much time.
I regret: being so dumb so many times.
I search: for good deals on stuff we 'need'.
I wonder: what will happen in the future.
I love: Bob, Jaide, and Kiree.
I care: about what happens to children.
I always: forget stuff.
I worry: about the girls.
I am not: a fish.
I remember: more than Kathy about our childhoods.
I believe: in Jesus Christ.
I dance: rarely.
I sing: the alto part of Angels We Have Heard on High (so fun!).
I don't always: know what to say (often!).
I argue: nicely?
I write: blog posts in my mind and some even on this blog.
I win: pictionary?
I lose: my patience, temper (sometimes), keys.
I wish: my stuff didn't get up and walk away aided by small people.
I listen: to other people's conversations.
I don't understand: how some people seem to 'do it all'.
I can usually: get stuff done.
I watch: tv shows on the internet.
I need: magic stain and dent resistant wall coverings, flooring would be nice too.
I forget: things people just barely told me.
I am happy: when I can do fun things with my family


Tracy said...

I had no idea you weren't a fish! That was fun reading about all your feelings. Very entertaining :)

kathy said...

It's so true, Meg. You remember things far better than I ever do. Good thing Rusty's the same way, or we'd be in trouble. :) So I think I'll do this tag, too, just because I thought it was fun. So if anyone asks, you tagged me, right?

Jenni said...

Oh no, I was totally tagged for this one too and need to do it still! Hey, great answers!! I wish my stuff didn't "walk away aided by little people" too! Ha!:)

Meg said...

Kathy I was going to tag you, so go ahead :)

Emily Petty said...

I totally agree about the messy eating - it drives me nuts!

Jenny said...

Good answers! I completely forgot that I'd tagged you on this!