Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Not My Birthday! It's Not Today!

...but it was Saturday.
So here's the recap of what we did.
We hung out at home in the morning, then I took the girls to the gym after Kiree's nap. Kiree does really well at kidspace these days. They only call me now to change poopy diapers, which she keeps making at the gym for some reason. She was a little sad after I changed her diaper and left again, but her favorite young man, Nick was there to hold her so it was all good.
Sadly, when we got out to the car, my keys were no where to be found. Of course I forgot my cellphone so I actually ended up borrowing another young man's cell phone to call Bob and rescue us. The keys were in the car, hiding under a bag I left in there.
Then I came home with the girls for Kiree nap #2. At some point Bob went and got a haircut at a barber for me. He needed a haircut and so one of his presents to me was not making me cut it for him. Yay! Someone even complemented him on his haircut, which I don't think has ever happened any time I've cut his hair for the record.
We all went to Outback for dinner. Way back in August I got Bob a giftcard to Outback for his birthday. Instead of going to dinner he said, I'll use this to take you out for your birthday. There was a long wait, so we walked over to Target to take a family picture among the Christmas stuff. The sad thing is that it was snowing right into our faces to and from Target.
After dinner (which was very good by the way and Kiree made a big mess of it of course but I didn't have to clean it up!) we drove over to the firestation near church. Every year around Christmas they have an open house with a big train display. Every year we drive by and say, we should go see that but then we don't. We finally went and it was so cool. The girls thought it was really neat. One part had a low glass window so even our shorty could stand and take it all in at eye level. They had a scavenger hunt list of things to find in the display. I think we found them all. They also had a safety room set up with different safety hazards to identify. I liked the "babies" left in hazardous situations and the fake stove left on with food boiling out of it.
After the firehouse, we headed over to church for the very tail end of the nativity display. We had three sets in the display so we came at the end to collect them and to see the other ones. Someone finally sent in a playmobile nativity and some little people. They were right at home on the same table with my marshmellow smores nativity and a huge set made out of popsicle sticks.
Then we headed home to have some birthday triffle made with chocolate cake, pistachio pudding and some chocolate icecream on top. Mmmm, writing that is making me want some more of it.
It was a good day.


Tracy said...

Hey, my birthday was Saturday too! I wish I was as young as you are! Happy belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Sorry we forgot it was your birthday.


Jenni said...

Fun birthday!! We always went to the firestation train display on our way to the nativity thing at the stake center too! How funny! Glad you had a good day!:)

Mahaffey Family said...

Happy Birthday...belated!

kathy said...

Yay for a fun birthday. Those trains look really cool. Did you get any pictures of your nativity? That's something I'd like to see. :)

Emily Petty said...

Happy Birthday Meg!!! I just found out tonight that there is a Little People nativity...after my Mom and I got Frank another kids nativity that he could play with - he opened it a few days ago and has already broken most of the pieces - why didn't I know real plastic toy companies made them?!

BrookeF said...

We have that little people nativity! It's awesome. SOrry, Emily- I would have mentioned it if I knew you were looking...Anyway, Happy Birthday Meg! We tried to do Outback on a saturday night once. I was NOT waiting an hour and a half. But you guys were way patient. We had a movie to catch. Sounds like you had a good time!

Jenny said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had fun!

In the 3 years I lived there, I never did make it to the Nativity display...I rather wish I had.