Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Surgery! "you hurt your bottom?"

Today I had surgery to remove a lump from my scalp. I had to fast and then go in around eight this morning. Bob had to come with me and so the girls came too and waited in the waiting room. I was all ready to go and then the person in surgery ahead of me had to be taken to the emergency room. Great! The surgeon had to go with so I got to get dressed and go back home for about two hours. It was 10 am by then.
We used our time at home to play lego starwars on the wii for the first time. It was pretty fun. Then at 12:30 I called and they told me to come back in. This time I just had to wait for one guy ahead of me- a colonoscopy. A lot of people seemed to be getting colonoscopies today. But not me.
I finally got in to the operating room at 2:03. I should have brought a book or something. They waited to drug me right until the doctor got in. Then the next thing I knew it was all over. I was a little woozy but that cleared up pretty fast. My head hurt and still does a little. Now it mostly just feels tight. It was nice to eat food again. The nurse gave me some snacks and gave the girls more cookies (she gave them cookies before we left the first time too). Then we went home. I've got some funky crunchy hair, but I can't wash it for two days. At least I don't have a huge bald patch. I think this surgery ended up tightening up my left eyebrow area a little- we'll see if it lasts. It used to be a little bit more saggy than the other side, so I don't mind.
Later on Kiree was asking me about my surgery. She pointed to my head and said, "you hurt you bottom?" I told her that I had surgery on my scalp. "scalp" she repeated. Then she said, "you hurt you bottom."

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve- Dora pajamas and It's a Wonderful Life.

Coming down the stairs to see what Santa brought.

Lots of art toys this year.

That's the Diego wii game from Aunt Cindy.

Jaide sure is excited to open presents!

Bob gave me a gift for him. It was a card that said "Bob, Half the wii is yours. Love, Meg"

Christmas dinner and games with friends.

A calendar from Rathy.

No more markers for you Kiree!

Playing the wii with daddy.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Wii Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas!  

Kiree, Meg, Jaide, and Bob

and here are the outtakes

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Giving and the Trains

Yesterday evening we went to the firestation near church that has a Christmas train display each year. We forgot to bring the camera, but it was very cool. It was different from last year. We also went to the "safety room" to go on a safety hazard scavenger hunt. I think that is Jaide's very favorite part. It's their training room set up with pretend fire safety and other hazards.
All the firestations were having toy drives up until last night. The girls and I bought some toys at the craft store on Monday to donate. Jaide was so excited about it she kept mentioning it to random people in the store. I also had a duplicate of one of the toys we're giving Kiree so we decided to donate it too. I bought it at Target a long time ago and then found a better and less expensive one on Black Friday. Of course, I had recycled the receipt after I'd entered it into the budget because I "didn't need it." Kiree wanted to hold that particular toy in the car on the way there. Then we had to keep telling her that we were going to donate it and share with someone who really needed it. Two year olds are not much for charitable donations. But she calmed down about losing "her toy" as soon as she saw all the cool trains.
It's hard to believe it's Christmas eve already. I've finished up my elf-work, this last advent blog post, and now we'd better get to bed. There are going to be two very excited little girls tomorrow morning and now they can both get out of bed on their own.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow Days in Pictures and Video

Jaide has really enjoyed playing in the snow, especially with daddy.  It sure is much less stressful trying to get everyone dressed and keeping everyone happy out in the snow when there are two adults!  Kiree likes the snow more in theory than in practice.  We made a small ramp in our back yard but the hill in the common area is better.  
You can see our Christmas tree through the back window. 
This year we put up lanterns from Ikea outside (the lights inside of them are a set of outdoor party lantern-y lights we've had in the closet for years).  Someone stopped to compliment them one time we were outside.  Too bad almost half of them have burned out :(  Our little paper advent village is almost complete.  Jaide wanted me to make a church every Sunday.  One was enough for me.  Note the row of townhouses in the front.  Mary and Joseph were completely covered, but the snow is starting to melt.  Maybe we'll have to help it along before we put baby Jesus out tomorrow.   

Some sledding videos.  One of Bob and the girls and one from my viewpoint going down the hill with Kiree.  They're better if you can hear them too.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Meme

1. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

Definitely hot chocolate!

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree?

Chicago Santa never did but apparently California Santa did, so I guess we'll see what Maryland Santa ends up sticking with, he's done both so far.

3. Colored lights on the tree/house or white?

both! The prelit tree has white lights (we both had colored before and would still but that one ended up being free). We have white lights outside in areas where snow would be and colored lights in the windows.

4. Do you hang mistletoe?


5. When do you put your Christmas decorations up?

The day after Thanksgiving. Some things a little later, but mostly the day after Thanksgiving.

6. Favorite holiday dish?

Cookies and any other yummy stuff. We don't have specific food traditions for Christmas, just whatever yummy food sounds good and that we don't eat very often.

7. Favorite holiday memory as a child?

Taking over the holiday decorating myself and with help from my younger siblings.

8. When did you learn the truth about Santa?

When I found all the boxes for all our Santa presents from like a decade's worth of presents down in the basement. Mom and Dad, were you waiting for recycling to be invented? What was up with that? I don't remember how old I was.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve?

Sometimes we have, but not usually. Our traditions have been pretty fluid.

10. How do you decorate a tree?

Prelit tree- so no messing with lights. Put on all the ornaments we own (I have a collection of smore ornaments that is growing slowly each year, red and gold glass ornaments- 60 cents after Christmas!, and a mismash of things people gave us, some we made like kiddos hand prints, and some I got from Avon- love the santa clothesline garland). Star on top.

11. Snow! Love it or dread it?

I do enjoy snow but not ice and bitter cold.

12. Can you ice skate?

Not super great but sure.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift?

The first thing that came to mind is one I got last year- the roomba. We use it just about every day! I also really loved the picture album my grandma sent me with pictures of me as a baby up through a few years ago.

14. What is the most important thing about the holidays to you?

Being with my family and remembering the Savior.

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Watching the black and white version of A Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve

17. What tops your tree?

A gold glittery star

18. Which do you prefer-Giving or Receiving?

Giving. I like receiving too, but giving more.

19. Favorite Christmas song?

Angels we have heard on high. Love singing the alto part!

20. Candy Canes-Yuck or Yum?

Candy canes are only yummy before Christmas when you're not supposed to eat them. So when I do have candy canes I let the kids eat them before Christmas. I bought a set of plastic ones a couple years ago so I don't have to deal with real ones though. Maybe we'll have some again in the future.

21. Favorite Christmas show?

I'm not super into Christmas movies, but my mom and Kathy always liked to watch them. I haven't seen any lately (besides Dora's Christmas Carol) and it seems like I should so it can officially feel like Christmas. I do like the one I mentioned previously#16. I also like White Christmas, Scrooged, the Charlie Brown Christmas movie, and It's A Wonderful Life. I should find out when that one's going to be on!

22. Saddest Christmas song?

I'm not super into Christmas songs either. My sister really liked Christmas songs when we were younger- do you still? Probably more spiritual songs would bring tears to my eyes. Having to listen to sappy Christmas songs on the radio makes me sad because they are so bad. Celine Dion Christmas songs make me mad (one Christmastime her Christmas CD was on constant play at the office I was working on, blech!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Mall in Columbia Stole Two Hours of my Time and I Want them Back

Today Jaide had no school because of the snow. I thought, hey why don't we go see Santa at the mall. We went to the gym, stopped at the craft store and then headed over to the mall. We had some lunch and then waited in line to see Santa. It was about an hour wait, but I'm not complaining about that. That was fine. Kiree wouldn't get anywhere near Santa and cried, but no big whoop. My issue was when we left the mall at about 3:30. It took 2 hours (I'm not kidding, literally 2 hours) just to get out of the stupid parking garage. There was apparently an accident and then just regular old procrastinating hordes. Half of that time was spent up on the 3rd level where we had parked. I'm never parking in the stupid garage again! Then of course it was rush hour when we got out and it took another hour to get home from the mall (at off peak times it's like 15min!) Grrrrrr. So no nap for Kiree and no playing in the snow transpired for us today. I learned my lesson. Never go to the mall the week of Christmas and don't even drive near the road that Target and Walmart are on. Seriously. That is all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Goals- How'd I do?

Scroll down to the last post for pictures of the girls.

I made some goals for myself at the beginning of the year.  For a couple of months I did follow up posts about how things were going.  My last post about it was in April.  But I didn't entirely give up on my goals.  I think some of them became so ingrained that looking back at them I'm like, this was a goal?  We just always do that!

Some of my goals needed to be tweaked a bit and so we made some adjustments.  

Here's how I (and in some cases we) did 

1. stick to the budget we've made:  Most months we did pretty well.  Right now all the categories are in the black, but I haven't entered all of December's receipts yet.  We did lower a lot of our budget amounts this year from 2008's amounts and that made #2 quite difficult.

2. either save and/or earn $50 extra each week: I kind of stopped focusing on this one because it seemed like all I really ended up doing was delaying purchases a month and then going over the next.  I did sell some things on ebay and so did Bob.  It was nice when ebay started the 5 free listings per month deal.  But I didn't make very much money overall.  I didn't get all the receipts entered in as frequently as I should have.  

3. try to go to the gym at least 3X a week and if I can't get to the gym do at least an hour and a half of physical activity at home over the week:  I did do pretty well with getting to the gym.  Some weeks were not as good as others, but I do try to go every day that I can.  Sick kids make that hard but the wii fit has given me something new to do at home as well. 

4. focus on making sure I've eaten fruits and vegetables each day rather than trying not to eat certain foods:  I don't think this went as well as it could have.  I'm hoping to learn more about better nutrition- I bought the textbook for the BYU IS nutrition class off of half.com for about $2 and I'm going to read through it and try to learn on my own.  I did pretty well with keeping at least a few fresh fruits and veggies on hand at all times this year.  But those apples don't always look as good when there's something chocolate around.  

5-8: Being more organized/ keeping the house clean by sticking to the flylady program, making  sure the dining room table is cleared off so Jaide can wipe it down (she suggested this be her chore) and get everyone to help clear the floor each night so that our new roomba, Wall-e, can vacuum.  Make a weekly plan each Sunday night:  I have tried to stick to flylady.  I didn't do every mission but I did do something each day.  Using a timer and taking breaks helps immensely!  Lately Jaide hasn't been as big on cleaning the table, but she still does on occasion.  Kiree likes to help now too.  I need to make a new sticker chart for Jaide, her last one got filled up last month.  We haven't sent wall-e around every single day, but some days we've used him more than once.  We haven't gone more than two days without sending him around.  It's just what we do now.  The Sunday night weekly plan is also something we've pretty much stuck to.  It isn't always completed on Sunday, but we do have a plan for meals for the week by Tuesday at the latest.  Checking the calendar has been super helpful (although I did miss one Kiree doctor appointment because of the poor design of our 2009 calendar :P)  

I've got some ideas for goals for 2010.  I'm going to post those soon.  

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day Pictures

Snow Day!

Pictures will be in the next post.
We got a lot of snow today. Around 2 feet. So we just stayed home and hung out together. It was fun. We made waffles in our new George Foreman grill/waffle maker this morning. We tried to go sledding (the snow was too deep and soft) but we tried :) Bob made some snow angels. I think they've basically filled in again by now. We had hot cocoa and cookies. We worked around the house and played. We played some wii and watched Pixar movie shorts on tv.
And we get another snow day tomorrow since church is canceled. Ahh, Maryland.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December quotes

J&K: (going back and forth) No I don't. you do. No I DON'T. yes you do. Noooo, I don't. no, you don't. J: (not paying much attention by this point): Yes I do

K: i'm so excited to see my Jaide-door. i love to see Jaide!

K: (to Jaide) how was school? how you learn?

J: (to Bob) You got a box from stamples? (stamples = staples)

K: i wanna be dora for christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Update

Okay, now I'm cheating a bit, but I don't want to get so far behind that this becomes a burden rather than a fun little thing so this post covers four days.

So we've been a little busy around here, not unlike everybody else I'm sure. Here's what we've been up to. We've been busy little kitchen elves making tasty Christmasy treats. I found a cool looking cookie recipe on bhg.com and wanted to try it out. I made the dough on Friday and we made the cookies on Saturday. I was getting all anal about the kids helping and doing it right or not doing it right. Then Bob was trying to help by telling me to do things differently. Somehow we ended up having fun together in spite of ourselves. (we each ended up making our own cookies our own ways and it was good- Kiree just 'playdoughed' it up) I think they turned out pretty good. Jaide made the "hangabur" cookies in case you were wondering. We also made some chocolate dipped pretzels during Kiree's nap. Tasty. I mean some of them broke and we couldn't give those ones out.

Saturday was Bob's work Christmas party. Bob awesomely got a babysitter for the evening (usually I'm the one who has to set up babysitting). The party was a dinner at a hotel at the inner harbor. The food was really good. Many people seemed to really enjoy the open bar.

While we were gone, the girls and the babysitter set up some scrap pieces of wood we had in a box and made a nativity out of it. The girls wanted the babysitter to leave it up so we could take a picture of it when we got home. I got a picture of it with Jaide the next morning.

Sunday night we tried to get packages ready to mail. I ended up doing most of the package prep this morning. It was kind of stressful. But I think all the packages should be going out tomorrow. Hopefully they all get there intact. I think I've just got one more thing I'd like to buy for Christmas (besides food stuff) and I think I'll need to make a couple more treat items for Jaide's teacher and bus driver. Then I guess we need to decide what to give to the neighbors too. And then I can enjoy right? I guess I'd better make a plan for winter break, although it doesn't start for Jaide until Christmas eve!