Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Today was a snow day and school was canceled. Yesterday school was canceled too, but Jaide doesn't have school on Tuesdays anyway. She still had her swim lesson, so it was a normal day. Yesterday it snowed, then in the evening it freezing rain-ed. So the snow was all ice coated today.
We all bundled up and went out and sledded down the little hill behind our house. Jaide was excited. Kiree wasn't so sure about it. It went pretty well except for when we slid over dog poop. A few more trips down the hill in other spots cleaned the sled right up though.
good thing we put the hose away...
In the afternoon our street was finally plowed and things didn't seem too bad so we went to the mall. It was good to get out of the house and there weren't too many people at the mall.

Jaide hasn't had school all week (I guess no one has since Monday was a day off of school and Tuesday and Wednesday were snow days). It's been a bit hard not having my time during the day during Kiree's naps. Hopefully school will be back in on Friday.
ed. we did have school on Friday/today

Monday, January 26, 2009

Christmas Closing Ceremonies

Three weeks ago I decided that we should take down the Christmas stuff and try to make it a fun occasion. The idea I came up with was having a Christmas Closing Ceremony- like the Olympics Closing Ceremony. The problem was that I wasn't exactly sure what they do at the Olympics Closing Ceremony or exactly what we should do.
The Christmas music idea didn't work out. We did have some hot cocoa and we did work together putting stuff away. I stacked some boxes and stuff up like a podium to take these pictures. Kiree wasn't too thrilled. Kiree much preferred trying to sit in baby Jesus' manger from our outdoor nativity (on clearance at Kohl's after last Christmas- like 80% off! woo hoo).
But it is always fun when we pull out the ladder to get into the attic. Bob added insulation and a plywood floor to half of the attic this winter and now we have all the Christmas stuff up there too. Jaide wants desperately to be able to go up there some day, but we keep telling her she is too little. "Maybe when I'm big, like when I'm 5!" she tells us.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Family Funnies

Today Jaide asked me, "when is it going to be youster again?" What? "you know, when you go out and find the youster eggs from the youster bunny." Oh, Easter, not until April. "how many is that?" I showed her on the calendar. "that's a long time away." Later this evening when I mentioned Easter Sunday, Jaide said, "Youster's on a Sunday?

Also this morning: Jaide said, "i want to watch the movie with the green guy with the babies." Meg said, "huh?" Jaide said, "the one with the green guy with the brown shirt and the gingerbread man and he had all the babies."
Meg, finally figuring it out, "oh, Shrek."
Jaide- "no" then eventually "yes, Shtrek"
Meg- "we don't have that one"

After Church today, I brought the girls home and Bob was still at Church. The girls were happily playing so I ran up to the bathroom. A little while later I hear a tiny little voice at the bottom of the stairs say, "where dahdee?" I believe she was referring to me and she did come up and find me.

Tonight when we were reading the girls stories before bed, Kiree who isn't very interested in sitting still long enough to be read to was wandering around their room. She saw her Elmo in her crib and started climbing up on a nearby toy to try and get in the crib to save him. I then said, "you want to get in bed Kiree?" Kiree then made a negative sounding grunt, hopped off the toy and ran off again. We did that a few times. Kiree has also figured out what it means when we say it's nap time and she often cries when we say it. I'm sure it won't be long before she is saying "no nap!" like her big sister used to.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

14 months of Kiree

Kiree Kiddo is 14 months old today.
Here are some pictures (mostly from New Years Eve at the Science Center) to enjoy and a little bit about Kiree.

Kiree walks fast, climbs all over, and is quite persistent.
She likes to eat beans, yogurt, chili, tacos, buttered toast, and loves stuff that's on someone else's plate.
Kiree still hates wearing socks and shoes although she does like to grab her coat and her shoes if I say it's time to go somewhere (because she loves to go!)

Kiree says: uh-oh, daddy, mommy, "wha dat?" = what's that?, wow, "dade" = Jaide, no, hiya!

Kiree understands a lot more than she can say.
She's starting to like playing at kidspace at the gym. They have lots of different toys to play with.
Kiree has 6 teeth, one perma-runny nose, and two little feet that I think are just starting to outgrow her size 2 shoes.
We're still not quite sure what color her eyes are. Sometimes they look blue, sometimes greenish, and sometimes blue on the outside and brown in the middles.
Kiree has a really cute smile, but she's not smiling in these particular pictures. That's our Kiree and we sure do love her.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Little Rascal

So the past couple of days the upstairs toilet hasn't been flushing right. Yesterday we took the toilet off to see what was wrong. I was really hoping it would be my keys (lost back in June, possibly flushed by a small visitor) stuck in the porcelain maze at the base of the commode. It wasn't. It was one of the girls' play kitchen glasses.
see what the little one is holding in her hand?
My guess is that this little person put the cup in the potty and then someone else flushed it (I don't think she can reach it yet). The toilet is back, better than ever (new wax ring and not moving nearly so much anymore). I guess we better keep kiddo out of the bathroom...
...and off the stairs. Kiree took her first tumble down the stairs the day after Christmas and cut her forehead. She was okay though but pretty sad. I think she might just be a little more careful now unlike a certain older sister of hers was at her age.
Can you even see the cut on her forehead? Sick Meg in the background watching many episodes of The Office on netflix.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions are lame, but...

I'll share some goals for this year today, the day that just happens to be New Year's Day. I've heard that goals have to be specific, measurable, and written down so I think posting them will help with that.

We want to buy a bigger house in a couple of years so to do that this year (and the next few too) I'll need to
1. stick to the budget we've made and
2. either save and/or earn $50 extra each week

To do these things I will: 1.enter receipts as I get them and then stop spending when a particular category is empty. 2. try to spend less than is budgeted to get to $50 and/or sell stuff online.

I want to be more healthy so to do that I will
3. try to go to the gym at least 3X a week and if I can't get to the gym do at least an hour and a half of physical activity at home over the week.
4. focus on making sure I've eaten fruits and vegetables each day rather than trying not to eat certain foods.

To do these things I will: 3. schedule gym attendance on my weekly schedule and on home days either go for a walk, do yoga dvd, dance with the girls, or some other exercise activity and
4. make sure that I have fruits and vegetables to eat by making sure to purchase some and then keep track of them so they don't go bad before we can eat them.

I want to be more organized/keep the house cleaner so to do that I will
5. try to stick to the flylady program and
6. make sure the dining room table is cleared off so Jaide can wipe it down (she suggested this be her chore) and
7. get everyone to help clear the floor each night so that our new roomba, Wall-e, can vacuum
8. make a weekly plan each Sunday night.

To do these things I will: 5. get dressed to shoes as soon as possible in the morning, take care of the dishes each day so I can shine the sink, try to do at least one zone mission each week, and most importantly take breaks! 6. clear the table right after dinner 7.make sure we get started with enough time before bath time to get it done without super cranky kiddos and 8. talk with Bob to find out what's going on with him for the week, plan meals, and make sure to plan out all necessary activities for the week.