Thursday, January 8, 2009

14 months of Kiree

Kiree Kiddo is 14 months old today.
Here are some pictures (mostly from New Years Eve at the Science Center) to enjoy and a little bit about Kiree.

Kiree walks fast, climbs all over, and is quite persistent.
She likes to eat beans, yogurt, chili, tacos, buttered toast, and loves stuff that's on someone else's plate.
Kiree still hates wearing socks and shoes although she does like to grab her coat and her shoes if I say it's time to go somewhere (because she loves to go!)

Kiree says: uh-oh, daddy, mommy, "wha dat?" = what's that?, wow, "dade" = Jaide, no, hiya!

Kiree understands a lot more than she can say.
She's starting to like playing at kidspace at the gym. They have lots of different toys to play with.
Kiree has 6 teeth, one perma-runny nose, and two little feet that I think are just starting to outgrow her size 2 shoes.
We're still not quite sure what color her eyes are. Sometimes they look blue, sometimes greenish, and sometimes blue on the outside and brown in the middles.
Kiree has a really cute smile, but she's not smiling in these particular pictures. That's our Kiree and we sure do love her.


Jenny said...

She sure is growing up!

Jenni said...

Cutie-pie!! She has tiny little feeties!:)

Dawn said...

Your girls are so big now and so cute mind you it;s been a long time, we've been back in England for 18 months