Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Today was a snow day and school was canceled. Yesterday school was canceled too, but Jaide doesn't have school on Tuesdays anyway. She still had her swim lesson, so it was a normal day. Yesterday it snowed, then in the evening it freezing rain-ed. So the snow was all ice coated today.
We all bundled up and went out and sledded down the little hill behind our house. Jaide was excited. Kiree wasn't so sure about it. It went pretty well except for when we slid over dog poop. A few more trips down the hill in other spots cleaned the sled right up though.
good thing we put the hose away...
In the afternoon our street was finally plowed and things didn't seem too bad so we went to the mall. It was good to get out of the house and there weren't too many people at the mall.

Jaide hasn't had school all week (I guess no one has since Monday was a day off of school and Tuesday and Wednesday were snow days). It's been a bit hard not having my time during the day during Kiree's naps. Hopefully school will be back in on Friday.
ed. we did have school on Friday/today


Jenni said...

Crazy. Sounds like you guys made the most of it though with sledding! Hope you have a normal week next week!

Hules said...

We heard about MD's snow day & I'm jealous as always! It snows all the time in January, but they never close anything! I LOVED those snow days in MD when Paul got off work & we just when sledding & played in the snow. Ah, good times!

After 2 years of not seeing snow, my girls were so excited to have snow here, but then... it just keeps coming... & coming... & coming.