Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines and Presidents

For Valentine's Day we had a family date. We had waffles with strawberries and whipped topping for breakfast. Later we went to the Olive Garden for lunch and used our gift cards. Yay! The girls were really good. To bad the little girl at the next table over was screaming loudly for quite a while. But the food was good and we're parents so we've been blessed with the gift of tuning out screaming children. Then we went to Ikea, because I really wanted to go there. We got a wall light for the basement and some other useful stuff. Jaide and Kiree were lying down together in the cart for a little while. It was very cute. Kiree was a tired little girl because she missed her nap. She went to bed right after dinner (leftover Olive Garden and some salad). The rest of us had some chocolate dip in the mini crockpot with marshmellows, strawberries, and pretzel rods.

Kiree enjoys a Valentine's treat from my visiting teachers.

Monday was President's Day- a federal holiday. Bob doesn't usually take off all those holidays since he's not getting paid for them any more, but he did take off yesterday. I was explaining to Jaide what President's day was and that daddy wasn't going to work because it was a holiday. Jaide said, "I can't wait to see the president!" Because I guess that's what she thought you did on President's day?... She also said yesterday that she wished there were two of Bob so that she could play games with one and the other could help me get things done around the house. That is what we did yesterday, work and play a little bit. We managed to not get dressed or shower, but we did pull out the nasty rubber mat that was glued to the bottom of our shower. And we scrubbed off all the glue residue. It looks much better! We put up that wall light we bought at Ikea and we went through deleting the tons of files on our desktop computer that have just been saved and resaved through various installations and which we really didn't need. So lots of random stuff.


Hules said...

See the President- That's hilarious. It's funny though, Paul told our 12 year-old Sunday School class that he went to school by the White House & worked in Maryland. The students said, "So, did you get to meet Obama!??" Hah! Umm, yes, he saw Bush, not Obama.

I love the December photos & I'm a giver too. It's just so much funner to get the girls toys & clothes than things for me.

Oh, and I LOVE that comment about wanting 2 of Bob. Paul & I saw the movie "Multiplicity" right after we were first married & we're still laughing about references in it. I would love that... only, I would want the real Paul to be the one home with his girls.

kathy said...

that is so funny about Jaide wanting to see the President. I wonder if I even knew who/what the president was at her age. We had a similar President's Day yesterday (except we were sick and went to the Draper temple open house. So I guess it was completely different). But I often wish there were multiple me's (or Rusty's). One of my doubles could go to work and I could do what I'd really like to be doing! :)