Tuesday, March 31, 2009


How we ended up with FIOS

Bob looked at ads for FIOS and we talked about possibly getting it one day. He talked about deals online for it. Then one day, the coldest day in January, some dude from Verizon knocked on door. I was upstairs trying to put Kiree down for a nap and I didn't hear anything. Jaide was downstairs and she just decided she'd go ahead and open the door even though I've told her never to open the door if she didn't know who was there. I didn't get Kiree down for her nap because Jaide kept calling me to come downstairs and finally told me there was someone at the door. I didn't expect the door to be wide open. My resolve to not be bothered by door to door salespeople was weakened by the situation and the fact that Bob had expressed an interest in FIOS and the sales guy's skill at overcoming objections. He waited outside (on the coldest day in January) while I put Kiree down for her nap. Of course there were all these special deals that were only available now, now, now and free, free, free, free. I relented and it took forever! I was getting cold and I was in the doorway. The guy was outside the whole time (the only thing that makes me feel better about it now).
So now we have FIOS internet, phone, and tv for the next year. Of course all of the free, free, free wasn't in writing and when we got our bill and called to complain, they never heard of the deals the guy was rattling off. We did get some free but not as much as he was talking about (and that only was after calling to complain). If we'd signed up online we could have gotten free DVR which would have been cool. So the lesson is, never ever buy anything from someone who comes to your door- unless it's girlscout cookies, but they don't even go door to door in this day. I'm thinking of putting a NO SOLICITING sign on my door because apparently the one at the entrance to our community of town homes is not enough.
But before you start feeling too bad for me, here's what I like about FIOS
Faster uploading pictures and videos online- handy for posting on the blog.
On demand kids shows, work out programs, and other interesting shows.
Better TV reception, even when it is raining.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Week in Review

I hope you had a happy St. Patrick's Day this week. We celebrated by wearing green. I bought the girls' shirts on clearance after last St. Patrick's day. We all have Irish ancestry, but Kiree definitely looks the most Irish. I also made some green dessert but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. Jaide didn't even finish her serving. Oh well.

Last Sunday I taught my Valiant 10B class for the first time and I enjoyed it. The kids are good. I know a lot of their moms.

I had my doctor check out the weird lump that has been growing on my scalp for a couple of years. She told me what she thought it was and that it wasn't harmful (well that's good) but it is annoying so I need to talk to a surgeon about getting it removed. So Mom, your turn now to get that lump on your finger taken care of!

I also went to the dermatologist this week and started a new chapter in the fight against acne. How many decades has this battle been raging? Probably not two yet. They put me on accutane and I started it on Friday. Boy you sure do have to jump through many a hoop to be on that stuff!

I noticed another molar poking through Kiree's gum tonight, so that brings us up to 12 teeth. She sure has been drooly lately, so I guess it makes sense. Lately Kiree has been saying "appy" every time she sees the apple juice container and "baa" at bath time. Today one of her toenails poked into its neighbor toe and she needed a bandaid. Bob gave her one of Jaide's favorite Scooby Doo bandaids. Kiree was trying to say Scooby Dooby Doo and it was pretty cute.

I'll have to post some pictures of the dining room when we're all finished painting. One wall left to go! We put up some chair rail today (after we messed up the first pieces and had to go back to Lowes to get another one) and I'm happy with the way it turned out. If only we could find the tube of caulk we bought today- the one that was last seen in Kiree's hands.

Monday, March 16, 2009

More of my Favorite Kiddos

Kiree likes putting that bucket on her head. I didn't manage to get a picture of her with it completely covering her head.

Maybe they're your favorite too?
Kiree now has 11 teeth! She sure has been drooly lately, so it's not too surprising. She is also talking a lot more. Probably the three of us are the only ones who could understand what she is saying, but she's saying stuff! She tries to say cracker and bread. She nods her head yes when we ask her a question. She just gets mad if the answer to a question is no- hasn't quite figured out the no head shake yet. Almost every night she waves and says "bye" when I put her in bed.
Jaide in front of the wall I wallpapered, I'll have to show it when it's all finished.
Jaide comes up with some funny stuff. Lately she has been trying to make her own Scooby Doo books. She asks us how to spell words, then she writes them down and draws pictures. Jaide has been really excited to talk about her birthday (not until July) and how she wants to have a Scooby Doo party and all the details of what she wants to do and on and on.
Jaide also has this idea that when we move to a bigger house we're going to get a dog. I don't know about that. But yesterday Jaide decided that she wants to get a poodle. So she was saying stuff like, "when we get a new house I'll get a poodle and I'll say poodle don't poop in the house" and "when we take a walk to the library poodle will come with me." After I told her that we couldn't bring a do to the library she said, "we'll go to the library and someone will have to stay home and watch him." Later on she decided the dog should be named Sarah.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Other Blog

I started a blog about shopping and hunting for good deals.

Goals Update

February was not as good for the goals as January was. I only saved like $113, still far short of my $200 a month goal. Sick kids made going to the gym harder and for some reason the kids didn't like me working out to shows on tv. They wanted to watch kids shows for some strange reason. But I'm still plugging along. I added a new goal/rule for Jaide and her tv-loving self. She is limited to three hours a day. I'm sure to some people that sounds like a ton, but it is dramatically less than she had been watching when I wasn't really keeping tabs. Now instead of saying, "no more tv, you've been watching like all day long." I can say, "okay, you've watched 2 1/2 hours, you have one more half hour to watch. That's about one tv show, so decide what you want to watch." and then after that, "that's all your tv time for today." Some days she has been pretty compliant. But other days have been harder and whinier. She will sometimes ask for more tv, or try to convince me she has more time left, but I'm keeping track so I know! There have been days we haven't stuck to it though, when people haven't been feeling well, or when we've had to work on a project or something. Sometimes I do allow for family viewing of a movie or something outside the three hours, but that's been pretty rare.
We're doing great with cleaning up in the evening. Most nights we all look forward to letting Wall-e loose. Weekly planning (meals/who needs to be where when/etc.) has become a necessity to me. It works and makes life so much simpler.
For March I'm hoping to sell some stuff online and get to the gym more often. Nice weather outdoorsy activities would be good too.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Last Week+ in pictures

Last week Monday we had quite a bit of snow.
School was canceled and Bob went in to work late.

The girls liked it except for the cold.

By Friday the dark, dank backyard was finally melted.

Our own personal bog.

Friday night I started a new project. Choose your own caption here are a few suggestions: Wow, that paint stripper was stronger than I thought! Paint, we don't need no stinkin' paint!

And by Saturday we were out playing at the park with no coats.

Don't worry, I do have a plan for that mess in the dining "room"

We so should have bought a GPS instead of that darn mini notebook! Then maybe it'd be easier to blog and I wouldn't get lost every time I go into Baltimore.

Bob moved the FIOS into the basement, that will be really nice in the summer when it will be nice to be in the cold basement (or not).

What is it with blue crayons in the dryer?

Of course it got all over the clothes too. They're rewashing now. I'll let you know how that turns out. Last time it didn't all come out.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Call and Release

Last Sunday our ward Relief Society presidency was reorganized, so I was released from my calling as the second counselor. I was told it might be a while before I got another calling. However, on Thursday night Bob was at church and a member of the bishopric asked him if both of us could come in early on Sunday to talk about a calling for me. I just knew I'd end up in primary. I'm going to be teaching the kids who are turning 10 this year. I've never taught kids that old before. If I'm still teaching this age group next year, it will be the third time that I've taught kids born in the year 2000. Pretty crazy!
Today however I was subbing for the sunbeams' teacher. I really should have said no. Bob was doing the audit for the ward financial stuff the second and third hours and did I mention he also had to give a talk in sacrament meeting? Yes, I was going to be alone with the kids all day. Well, except for when Jaide went to her primary class, she's not in sunbeams any more. Kiree was excited to go to sharing time but as soon as she noticed where Jaide was sitting (across the room from where she and I were supposed to be) she wanted to go by Jaide. Kiree did quite a bit of wandering around. Then when we went to class, the sunbeams all took off without me and so did Kiree. I was so worried about making sure I had all of the sunbeams that I didn't notice that I didn't have Kiree. Apparently she decided to make a run for the border and I think the ladies that grabbed her did so as she was actually leaving the building after hitting the handicapped door opener button. I can't believe that I forgot my own child! But I am so glad that she was okay. One of the very wonderful older ladies offered to take Kiree while I "taught" (7 three year olds- not so much learning going on). She even changed Kiree's poopy diaper and then took her in to nursery. In our ward you can go to nursery at 16mo if an adult stays with you. So Kiree had her first day of primary, nursery, and trying to escape church all in one day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The February That Was

Jaide gave a talk in primary. Kiree climbed all over and started saying more. Meg discovered her first gray hair. Bob and Jaide got sick. Some doctor appointments and one appointment with a home appraiser as part of refinacing a mortgage happened in February.

Jaide said-
"i love money. i want to put my monies in the bank so i can celebrate it."
After getting an invitation in the mail for her friend's birthday party- "Duncan's birthday party better be good!" (I think she was trying to say it would be fun- she loves b-day parties)
Jaide often takes her shoes off when she gets home, but this particular day she hadn't. When we were heading out the door that evening- "i kept my shoes on as the international icon of going to the store"
Very somberly, after seeing an animated message about recycling "you can make trees out of paper. that's what the earth said."
"Kiree and i are going to have a drinking festival" -after I filled up her cup with juice.

Kiree said-
"eye wet" at a diaper change (at least that's what it sounded like)
"wah-leeee" = wall-e the vacuum
pointing to something she wanted, "that!"
"daa-ahh" = Dora the Explorer
"wah-dee" = water