Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The February That Was

Jaide gave a talk in primary. Kiree climbed all over and started saying more. Meg discovered her first gray hair. Bob and Jaide got sick. Some doctor appointments and one appointment with a home appraiser as part of refinacing a mortgage happened in February.

Jaide said-
"i love money. i want to put my monies in the bank so i can celebrate it."
After getting an invitation in the mail for her friend's birthday party- "Duncan's birthday party better be good!" (I think she was trying to say it would be fun- she loves b-day parties)
Jaide often takes her shoes off when she gets home, but this particular day she hadn't. When we were heading out the door that evening- "i kept my shoes on as the international icon of going to the store"
Very somberly, after seeing an animated message about recycling "you can make trees out of paper. that's what the earth said."
"Kiree and i are going to have a drinking festival" -after I filled up her cup with juice.

Kiree said-
"eye wet" at a diaper change (at least that's what it sounded like)
"wah-leeee" = wall-e the vacuum
pointing to something she wanted, "that!"
"daa-ahh" = Dora the Explorer
"wah-dee" = water


janae said...

Holy cow, those things Jaide said are HILARIOUS!! I loved them all, but my favorite was the "i kept my shoes on as the international icon of going to the store" - where on earth did that come from?? She is so cute!

kathy said...

I think my favorite quote has to be the "drinking festival" Jaide is so silly.

Jenni said...

"International icon"??!! Whoa!! She is adorable and quite a smartie!! We refinanced recently too even though we just bought our house in the summer - I can't believe how low interest rates dropped!! Yay!!

Brenda said...

"I love money"??? That's too funny!

Oh, I too need to refinance...

kathy said...

oh, and your first gray hair? are you serious? i've had gray and white (totally white!) hairs for more years than i care to admit to. :)

David & Mary Grow said...

I love the quotes. "international icon?" that's awesome.

Jenny said...

International icon of going to the store. haha!

Emily Petty said...

Hilarious!! Frank William and I loved watching the wall-e video too!

BrookieT said...

The things kids say are truly astounding. It's so great that you are recording them!