Tuesday, March 31, 2009


How we ended up with FIOS

Bob looked at ads for FIOS and we talked about possibly getting it one day. He talked about deals online for it. Then one day, the coldest day in January, some dude from Verizon knocked on door. I was upstairs trying to put Kiree down for a nap and I didn't hear anything. Jaide was downstairs and she just decided she'd go ahead and open the door even though I've told her never to open the door if she didn't know who was there. I didn't get Kiree down for her nap because Jaide kept calling me to come downstairs and finally told me there was someone at the door. I didn't expect the door to be wide open. My resolve to not be bothered by door to door salespeople was weakened by the situation and the fact that Bob had expressed an interest in FIOS and the sales guy's skill at overcoming objections. He waited outside (on the coldest day in January) while I put Kiree down for her nap. Of course there were all these special deals that were only available now, now, now and free, free, free, free. I relented and it took forever! I was getting cold and I was in the doorway. The guy was outside the whole time (the only thing that makes me feel better about it now).
So now we have FIOS internet, phone, and tv for the next year. Of course all of the free, free, free wasn't in writing and when we got our bill and called to complain, they never heard of the deals the guy was rattling off. We did get some free but not as much as he was talking about (and that only was after calling to complain). If we'd signed up online we could have gotten free DVR which would have been cool. So the lesson is, never ever buy anything from someone who comes to your door- unless it's girlscout cookies, but they don't even go door to door in this day. I'm thinking of putting a NO SOLICITING sign on my door because apparently the one at the entrance to our community of town homes is not enough.
But before you start feeling too bad for me, here's what I like about FIOS
Faster uploading pictures and videos online- handy for posting on the blog.
On demand kids shows, work out programs, and other interesting shows.
Better TV reception, even when it is raining.


janae said...

NO WAY! I am so sorry. We have fios internet, and I must say that I am soooo addicted to the speed of fiber optics. But man, have I had trouble with Verizon. I signed up online, and still they did a bait & switch. Then they promised a $50 gift card in the next month. Ten months and many calls later they finally just put a $50 credit on my account. Then, a month later, I got the gift card! So now they've double compensated me, and while I think I deserve it, I also can't feel honest about getting both. So I've had to try to contact them to re-charge me $50. Ridiculous!!

Jenni said...

We had some problems with setting it all up too when we were in MD, but we did love Fios once we had it. I'm sorry the guy lied to you though. That is completely uncool.

BrookieT said...

We did it online early in March. I like it for the same reasons you do- and the DVR is only free for six months, which is don't mind for now. After that it's like $15.99 a month. I would rather watch my shows on hulu! Not sure if it's worth that price. We only paid $5 a month for our DVR with dishnetwork. But then when we had a storm, out went the service. That was so aggrivating! That first bill is a doozy.