Friday, March 13, 2009

Goals Update

February was not as good for the goals as January was. I only saved like $113, still far short of my $200 a month goal. Sick kids made going to the gym harder and for some reason the kids didn't like me working out to shows on tv. They wanted to watch kids shows for some strange reason. But I'm still plugging along. I added a new goal/rule for Jaide and her tv-loving self. She is limited to three hours a day. I'm sure to some people that sounds like a ton, but it is dramatically less than she had been watching when I wasn't really keeping tabs. Now instead of saying, "no more tv, you've been watching like all day long." I can say, "okay, you've watched 2 1/2 hours, you have one more half hour to watch. That's about one tv show, so decide what you want to watch." and then after that, "that's all your tv time for today." Some days she has been pretty compliant. But other days have been harder and whinier. She will sometimes ask for more tv, or try to convince me she has more time left, but I'm keeping track so I know! There have been days we haven't stuck to it though, when people haven't been feeling well, or when we've had to work on a project or something. Sometimes I do allow for family viewing of a movie or something outside the three hours, but that's been pretty rare.
We're doing great with cleaning up in the evening. Most nights we all look forward to letting Wall-e loose. Weekly planning (meals/who needs to be where when/etc.) has become a necessity to me. It works and makes life so much simpler.
For March I'm hoping to sell some stuff online and get to the gym more often. Nice weather outdoorsy activities would be good too.

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Jenni said...

Good for you on keeping track of your goals! My kids whine about TV and Nintendo time too. I can't wait till it's warmer and I can send them outside for half the day.