Monday, March 16, 2009

More of my Favorite Kiddos

Kiree likes putting that bucket on her head. I didn't manage to get a picture of her with it completely covering her head.

Maybe they're your favorite too?
Kiree now has 11 teeth! She sure has been drooly lately, so it's not too surprising. She is also talking a lot more. Probably the three of us are the only ones who could understand what she is saying, but she's saying stuff! She tries to say cracker and bread. She nods her head yes when we ask her a question. She just gets mad if the answer to a question is no- hasn't quite figured out the no head shake yet. Almost every night she waves and says "bye" when I put her in bed.
Jaide in front of the wall I wallpapered, I'll have to show it when it's all finished.
Jaide comes up with some funny stuff. Lately she has been trying to make her own Scooby Doo books. She asks us how to spell words, then she writes them down and draws pictures. Jaide has been really excited to talk about her birthday (not until July) and how she wants to have a Scooby Doo party and all the details of what she wants to do and on and on.
Jaide also has this idea that when we move to a bigger house we're going to get a dog. I don't know about that. But yesterday Jaide decided that she wants to get a poodle. So she was saying stuff like, "when we get a new house I'll get a poodle and I'll say poodle don't poop in the house" and "when we take a walk to the library poodle will come with me." After I told her that we couldn't bring a do to the library she said, "we'll go to the library and someone will have to stay home and watch him." Later on she decided the dog should be named Sarah.


Hules said...

Wow, they're really growing up. Jocelyn is starting to say things now too. That's funny Kiree doesn't like being told "No." Jocelyn actually just laughs her head of if anyone tells her "no"- I'm not sure where she got that.

Emily Petty said...

What cute kids! Wow - Kiree's got 11 teeth - Frank's still far behind in that dept. it's pretty amazing what he's able to 'gum.'